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Third Generation

Family of Thomas G. STANFORD (2) & Clarissa ROSS

5. Emmarelia STANFORD. Born on 9 Sep 1821 in South Carolina. At the age of 55, Emmarelia died in Henderson County, Tennessee on 21 Sep 1876. Buried in Sep 1876 in Hare Cemetery, Henderson County, Tennessee.

Emmarelia married John Banks HARE. Born in Aug 1816 in North Carolina. At the age of 84, John Banks died in Henderson County, Tennessee on 4 Oct 1900. Buried in Oct 1900 in Hare Cemetery, Henderson County, Tennessee.

They had the following children:
i. Martin Alexander. Born on 18 Apr 1841 in Henderson County, Tennessee. At the age of 79, Martin Alexander died in Henderson County, Tennessee on 10 Apr 1921. Buried in Apr 1921 in Lexington Cemetery, Lexington, Henderson County, Tennessee.

Obituary: One of Our Best Friends Goes to his Reward: Martin Alexander Hare, son of the late John Banks Hare and Mrs. Emarilla [Stanford] Hare, was born six miles north of Lexington, Tennessee, April 18th, 1841, and passed to his eternal reward in Lexington at 8:35 o'clock, a.m., Sunday, April 10th, after two years of paralysis and one month's confinement to his bed. He was married September 19th, 1888, to Mrs. Martha Jane Owen, who died May 4th, beloved and lamented by all. Martin Hare was the eldest of nine children and is survived by three brothers, Albert, Lema, and John, all of this county. Esq. Hare was a member of the Christian Church since 1882 and while he was devoted to his particular faith, he was not narrow therein, but accorded to all the right to do as he himself--to worship God according to individual conscience. With all this he was none the less strong in his faith, as we know from talking with him--as we know he enjoyed having others explain to them their particular beliefs. He had served with honor as a member of the Henderson County court, was a Democrat in politics and a member of the Masonic fraternity. One could not know Mr. Hare and fail to pay tribute to his character. He was a positive character and his strong, good sense had a dominating influence. He was good material as a juror and had served on many--some of grave importance. He was thorough in all things, loyal, dependable and had but one side to this character--the plain Martin Hare that one came to know and the plain Martin Hare he always remained. If he was your friend, he showed that friendship, but if he did not happen to take to you, he let you alone--and without remark. During the years he was able to go about while he lived in Lexington, he was a frequent visitor to his office, and his presence was always welcome and his conversation listened to with respect and appreciative attention. Such a man as Martin Hare was every day of the thirty-seven years we knew him, is not to be found every day in any community. Several years ago, he moved to Lexington and lived in the home where he died. Since the death of Mrs. Hare, he has made his home with his niece, Mrs. Fenner Howard, in the Hare home and from her and her husband and Mr. A.R. Appleby, he received affection and attention that would have done credit to the most devoted children. When the funeral service was held in the home last Monday morning at 10 o'clock, both Elder J.O. Brown, of the Christian Church, and Rev. Fleetwood Ball, of the Baptist Church, delivered touching and proper eulogies on the life and character of the man whose mortal remains lay enshrouded for burial before them. After the religious service the Masons of Constantine Lodge No. 64 took charge and under the rites of that order, the march was made to the Lexington Cemetery and there the ceremonies concluded led by Judge L.B. Johnson. We shall miss our old friend in the days to come, as we missed him during the days of his long partial confinement and we believe that he has gone to that reward earned by all honest, practical, conscientious believers.

On 19 Sep 1888 when Martin Alexander was 47, he married Martha Jane OWEN. Born on 24 Oct 1850. At the age of 70, Martha Jane died on 4 May 1921. Buried in May 1921 in Lexington Cemetery, Lexington, Henderson County, Tennessee.

ii. Thomas Albert. Born on 12 Nov 1845 in Henderson County, Tennessee. At the age of 78, Thomas Albert died in Henderson County, Tennessee on 4 Apr 1924. Buried in Apr 1924 in Hare Cemetery, Henderson County, Tennessee.

Obituary: Death: Hon. T.A. Hare, aged 78 years, on the 12th of November, 1923, died April 4th, 1924, at his home about seven miles northeast of Lexington at the hour of 10 a.m., and after an illness and disability of considerable length. Albert Hare married Miss Lizzie Parker fourteen years ago and left no children. He had been one of the best known farmers, merchants and good citizens of the county and a few years ago he ran as a Democrat and represented Madison and Henderson Counties in the General Assembly [1915-1917]. His professed religion was that of the Christian Church. He was a man of unquestioned personal integrity and honesty of purpose and even those who differed with him never questioned his sincerity. He is survived by Hon. John L. Hare, the younger brother, with whom he made his home, and another brother, L.L. Hare, who lives in the same section of the county. He was preceded tot he grave a few years by an elder brother, Esq. M.A. Hare. The funeral was held last Saturday afternoon, Prof. J.O. Brown officiating and the remains were interred on the same tract of land on which he was born and lived his whole life.

Thomas Albert married Mary Elizabeth PARKER, daughter of Joseph A. PARKER (1818-1854) & Matilda FARQUHAR (1818-1893). Born on 11 Oct 1849. At the age of 60, Mary Elizabeth died on 13 Sep 1910. Buried in Sep 1910 in Hare Cemetery, Henderson County, Tennessee.

Obituary: Mrs. Elizabeth Hare, aged 61, wife of T. Albert Hare, quietly passed to her heavenly reward Tuesday night (September 13, 1910) at 8:45 o'clock in her home at Alberton surrounded by the family and close friends. Her death was not unexpected since for more than a year she had been in bad health and for the last few months her vitality had been manifestly ebbing away.  She was the daughter of the late Joseph and Martha Parker and was born [October 11, 1849] and reared near the place of her death. About twenty years ago she was married to T. Albert Hare. No children were born to this union. In early life she became a Christian and united promptly with the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, remaining a devoted and active member of that communion until claimed by death. She was a loyal member of the Woman's Home Mission Society and was most liberal in contribution to the benevolence supported through the organization. A woman of unexcelled virtues, broad charities and beautiful, consistent Christianity, she will be sadly missed by the broken-hearted husband, one sister, Mrs. W.G. Raines of Parson, and hundreds of friends and relatives who survive her.

17 iii. Alice (1846-1891)
iv. Corilla. Born on 15 Dec 1848 in Henderson County, Tennessee. At the age of 70, Corilla died in Henderson County, Tennessee on 15 Dec 1918. Buried in 1918 in Hare Cemetery, Henderson County, Tennessee.

v. Clara M.. Born on 14 Feb 1851. At the age of 30, Clara M. died on 30 Jan 1882.

18 vi. Lemuel LeGrande (1854-1933)
vii. Lemore F.. Born in 1857. At the age of 15, Lemore F. died on 2 Aug 1872. Buried in 1872 in Hare Cemetery, Henderson County, Tennessee.

viii. John L.. Born on 1 Oct 1859. At the age of 95, John L. died on 9 Oct 1954. Buried in 1954 in Hare Cemetery, Henderson County, Tennessee.

John L. married Roberta ?. Born on 6 Sep 1879. At the age of 86, Roberta died on 7 Jan 1966. Buried in 1966 in Hare Cemetery, Henderson County, Tennessee.

6. Lemuel A. STANFORD Senior. Born on 9 Sep 1837 in Henderson County, Tennessee. At the age of 65, Lemuel A. died in Henderson County, Tennessee on 26 Aug 1903. Buried in 1903 in Old Beech River Cemetery, Henderson County, Tennessee.

L. A. Stanford, a well known and respected farmer of Lexington, was born in Henderson County, in 1837; he is the eighth and only living child of a family of nine born to Thomas and Clarissia (Ross) Stanford. The father was born in Greenville District, South Carolina, in 1797; he married a native of same State and district, who was born in 1801, and in 1834 immigrated to Henderson County, in the Ninth District; after living there two years moved to the Seventeenth District, purchased a plantation, and followed agricultural pursuits. He died In Lexington in 1880, at the advanced age of eighty-three years, an old settler, a prosperous and esteemed man. The mother is still living, making her home with L. A., who was raised and educated In his native county. At an early age he began farming, since which time he has continued the same business, having met with great success, and now owns 800 acres of valuable land; in 1882 he established a cotton-gin in Lexington in connection with his farming interests, and gins on an average 100 bales of cotton per year. When the late civil war broke out he was among the first to serve his country; in 1861 enlisted in the Confederate Army, Company H, Twenty-seventh Regiment Tennessee Infantry, and did gallant service at the battle of Shiloh, also in other engagements and skirmishes of less note, remaining in the army over twelve months. April, 1883, he married Miss Margaret Whyte, of Henderson County, who was born In 1843, a daughter of Joseph and Mary Whyte. To their union several children were born. Thomas, Lizzie, Lemuel, George W., Arcadius, James, Ruby and Johnnie. In 1873 Mr. Stanford was elected town marshal, and served about seven years; in 1879-80 was constable of the Tenth District. He is a life-long Democrat, casting his first vote for John C. Breckenridge. Mr. Stanford is one of the solid, enterprising and best known men in the county; his wife is a consistent member of the Missionary Baptist Church.

Lemuel A. married Margaret E. WHYTE, daughter of Joseph WHYTE (1796-1861) & Donna B. ? (1800-). Born on 4 Dec 1842 in Henderson County, Tennessee. At the age of 57, Margaret E. died in Henderson County, Tennessee on 8 Dec 1899. Buried in 1899 in Old Beech River Cemetery, Henderson County, Tennessee.

They had the following children:
i. Lemuel A.. Born on 12 Oct 1863 in Little Rock, Arkansas. At the age of 47, Lemuel A. died in Lexington, Henderson County, Tennessee on 11 Apr 1911. Buried in Apr 1911 in Old Beech River Cemetery, Lexington, Henderson County, Tennessee.

Obituary: Lemuel A. Stanford, eldest surviving son of the late Esq. L.A. Stanford, who was for many years a well-known citizen, member of the County Court and Mayor of the town of Lexington, died Tuesday of this week at 1 o'clock p.m., after four days of confinement at the home of his sister, Mrs. Ruby (A.E.) Beasley. Four four days and nights the unfortunate man was unable to sleep and his sister, Mrs. Beasley, said that unless relief came to him, she saw that his life was in danger. An hour before the end came, Mrs. Beasley saw that dissolution was approaching. Clemuel Stanford was never married. He possessed many traits which made him a good friend and we shall never forget his oft expressed devotion to his family--his brothers and sisters and their children, and the children all loved "Uncle Lem." Through all his years he was our personal friend and we grieve with his family that he was cut off from life under painful conditions. But a few days before his death he told several of his intention to visit Arkansas on the occasion of the Confederate Reunion in Little Rock--that he intended to see the house in which he was born, to visit all his people and to make them proud of him. But alas, "Man proposes but God disposes". The remains were kept until yesterday morning awaiting the coming from Oklahoma of John, the younger brother, when the interment occurred at Beech River, where the members of the family who have gone on before are buried. The service was held in the Beasley home just after noon yesterday, conducted by Rev. Fleetwood Ball.

19 ii. John Thomas (1864-1908)
iii. Mary. Born on 21 Jul 1875. Mary died on 29 Aug 1875. Buried in Aug 1875 in Old Beech River Cemetery, Lexington, Henderson County, Tennessee.

iv. Clary. Born on 21 Jul 1875. Clary died on 25 Aug 1875. Buried in Aug 1875 in Old Beech River Cemetery, Lexington, Henderson County, Tennessee.

v. Jesse. Born on 23 Dec 1876. Jesse died on 30 Dec 1876. Buried in Dec 1876 in Old Beech River Cemetery, Lexington, Henderson County, Tennessee.

vi. James L.. Born in 1878 in Henderson County, Tennessee. At the age of 42, James L. died in Tulsa, Oklahoma in Mar 1920. Buried in Mar 1920 in Beech River Cemetery, Lexington, Henderson County, Tennessee. Alias/AKA: "Jim". Cause of death: Tuberculosis.

Obituary: Death: James L. Stanford, aged 42 years, died March 1st inst., in Tulsa, Oklahoma, from tuberculosis. His remains were brought back to Lexington for interment in Beech River Cemetery with Rev. Fleetwood Ball conducting the service. Jim Stanford was the son of the late L.A. Stanford and lived in Lexington until a few years ago when he went West. He is survived by three brothers, Cade of Winnsboro, Louisiana; George of Mississippi County, Arkansas, and Mrs. A.E. Beasley of Lexington. The father was for many years the mayor of Lexington and a member of the County Court of Henderson County, and with the mother, who was one of the best of women, years ago passed away. Jim Stanford was a big-hearted boy and man and had his many friend among the people who had known him all his life. We sympathize with bereft in their loss.

vii. Lizzie. Resided in Jackson, Madison County, Tennessee in 1908. Resided in Luxora, Arkansas in 1920.

Lizzie married E. A. MOFFITT, son of James H. MOFFITT (1826-1890) & Harriet Caroline HEFLEY (1832-1897). Born in 1862.

viii. George W.. Resided in Mississippi County, Arkansas in 1920.

ix. Arcadius. Resided in Winnsboro, Louisiana in 1920. Alias/AKA: "Cade".

x. Ruby. Resided in Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee in 1908. Resided in Lexington, Henderson County, Tennessee in 1920.

Ruby married Alfred BEASLEY. Born on 21 Feb 1877.

xi. Johnnie. Resided in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1920.

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