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Fourth Generation (Continued)

Family of Louisa Hutchings SMALL (8) & Colonel Edward Julius TIMBERLAKE

22. Mary Adeline TIMBERLAKE. Born on 14 Apr 1864. Alias/AKA: "Addie".

On 15 Oct 1885 when Mary Adeline was 21, she married Judge John Ethridge McCALL Senior, son of Doctor Henry M. McCALL (6 Apr 1817-2 May 1880) & Rebecca Frances BOWLIN (23 Oct 1826-7 Dec 1887). Born on 14 Aug 1859 in Clarksburg, 13th District, Carroll County, Tennessee. At the age of 60, John Ethridge died in Huntingdon, Carroll County, Tennessee on 8 Aug 1920. Buried on 8 Aug 1920 in Forest Hill Cemetery, Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee. Resided in Clarksburg, 13th District, Carroll County, Tennessee in 1880.


John E. McCall

Hon. John E. McCall, attorney at law, of Lexington, was born at Clarksburg, Carroll Co., Tenn., in 1859, a son of Dr. Henry and Frances (Bowlin McCall. The father was of Scotch-Irish descent, born in South Carolina in 1817; when seveteen years of age came with his father, Andrew McCall, to Henderson County, settling in the Twentieth District. Andrew died in 1841. When about twenty Henry commenced the study of medicine; he graduated as an M.D. at Nashville University. He resided in Madison County at the time of his marriage; about 1850 he moved to Clarksburg, where he remained until his death, in 1880. Dr. McCall was for many years one of the leading and most skillful physicians and surgeons of Carroll County. His wife was of English origin, born in Alabama in 1827. She was the mother of seven children: Caledonia I., wife of L. F. Williams; George T., an attorney of Huntingdon; M. Jennie, wife of J. W. Scott; Patrick H., a dentist at Clarksburg; James C. R., county court clerk of Carroll County; Ella, and John E., whose literary education was received at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, which he attended for three years; in 1880 he begain to read law under direction of Judge Joe Hawkins; in 1888 he located at Lexington, where he commenced his practice. Mr. McCall is an ardent Republican, casting his first vote for Jas. A. Garfield in 1880. In 1884 he was elector on the Blaine and Logan ticket for the Eighth Congressional District. In August, 1886, he was a candidate for attorney-general of the Eleventh Judicial Circuit; the Democratic majority is about 1,000, but Mr. McCall brought it down to 366, thus illustrating his popularity among his people. In November, 1886, he was elected Representative of Henderson County in the State Legislature; his opponent was the Hon. W, T. Logan, a gifted and able lawyer and eloquent speaker; they canvassed the county jointly, which resulted as above mentioned. Mr. McCall is one of the bright and shining lights of the profession, possessing unusual intellect and keen discernment, and is a courteous, genial gentleman. October 14, 1885, he married a daughter of Edward J. and Lula Timberlake, Miss Addie, who was born in Henderson County in 1864. They have one child, Addie. Mrs. McCall is a most estimable lady and member of the Methodist Episcopal Church South.

Obituary: The Passing of Judge McCall: John Ethridge McCall, son of the late Dr. Henry McCall, was born at or near Clarksburg, Carroll County, August 14, 1859, and as Judge of the Federal Court with residence in Memphis, died suddenly from acute gastritis, Sunday night, August 8, 1920, while visiting in the home of his daughter, Eddie, wife of Marshall F. Priest, Huntingdon, Tennessee, his wife and daughter, Mrs Priest, being the only members of his family present. Judge McCall was taking a short vacation and was said to be in apparently good health until about 9:00 o'clock of the night of his demise, when he was attacked by acute gastritis, which was a few moments later complicated with an attack of angina pectoris, a suffocating contraction of the chest, presumably caused by actions of the heart vessels. Until 5 o'clock on Sunday afternoon, his younger daughter, Mrs. Lamar Heiskell (Ruth) was with him, and when she reached home in Memphis at 11 o'clock that night, the news of her father's death awaited her. I am indebted to Memphis papers for a chronological statement of the life and activities of Judge McCall, which are presented in the following dates: Born August 14, 1859. Education completed in 1881 when he graduated from the University of Tennessee with A.B. degreee. Admitted to the State bar in 1882. In 1882 he was editor of the Tennessee Republican at Huntingdon. Was elected to the Legislature as Direct Representative from Henderson County in 1887 and served two years. In 1890 he became assistant district attorney for the Western district of Tennessee. In 1895-97 he represented the Eight Congressional District in Congress, having been given the Populist vote and carrying considerable Democratic vote against Hon. B.A. Enloe. He married October 14, 1885, to Miss Addie, daughter of the late Hon. E.J. Timberlake. In 1890 he made the race for Governor of Tennessee as the Republican nominee. In 1892 he was appointed collector of Internal Revenue with office at Nashville. In January 1905, President Roosevelt appointed him Judge of the United States Court for the Western District of Tennessee, which position he was filling with honor at the time of his death. On my own memory I can state Judge McCall came to Lexington from Huntingdon in the autumn o f 1883, and when I came here in March 1884, I found him in law partnership with Mr. Newton H. Lassiter, now said to be an eminent and wealthy lawyer in the city of Fort Worth, Texas. To this union with Miss Addie Timberlake were born four children: Eddie, Grace, Ruth, and John E., Junior, all of whom survive except Grace, the flower of his "flock", who died at Timberlake, the home of her paternal grandfather, in the winter of 1895-95,and in her fourth year, and when the family lived on the present Main Street in Lexington. I can never forget that beautiful and sweet child, whom I loved and who loved me, and the fact that I went to her funeral form the Timberlake home and assisted in laying her little body in the warm bosom of mother Earth when the ground was covered over with a coat of ice. The most marked characteristic in the makeup of Judge McCall was his persistence--his determination to do, which characteristic accounted in the greatest degree for his successful life. When he was appointed to the responsible position in which he died and in which he had made a good man,winning the confidence of the people and the respect of the legal fraternity, he bent his every energy to so perform his duties that he would be regarded by the people as a good and just judge and at the same time prove satisfactory to the great government whose Department of Justice he represented. His loss is to be depored form all viewpoints---his family, his government, his friends, and the city of which he had become a fixed and valued resident. We sympathize with his family and trust that his place may be filled by one able to carry on his work on the high plane Judge McCall was pursuing. Ir was first stated that Judge McCall would be buried at Beech River, near Lexington, but later the idea was abandoned for the time at least and I have not been informed of the final decision of the family.--W.V. Barry

They had the following children:
39 i. Eddie (1886-1963)
ii. Grace. Born on 22 Aug 1888. At the age of 3, Grace died in Henderson County, Tennessee on 15 Jan 1892. Buried in Jan 1892 in Beech River Cemetery, Lexington, Henderson County, Tennessee.

Obituary: A Little One Gone: Little Grace, the three-year daughter of John E. and Mrs. Addie McCall is dead. Last Friday [January 15, 1892] at about eleven o'clock a.m., her pure and spotless soul was taken from its beautiful tenement of clay and and habilitated in the dazzling white robes of God's own angels. Only a few days before, in the full enjoyment of health, her little eyes sparkling with loving merriment, she was the idol of her parents. How short a time until the great change from earth to heaven, from the presence and care of those who loved her to a cold and narrow bed in the snow-shrouded ground. How sweet, how angelic, how peaceful she looked in her tiny coffin when father, mother, and relatives bent over her to kiss their sweet baby. O God, we thank thee for thy blessed words which alone can soften the sting of such bitter grief--"Of such is the kingdom of heaven." Parents, let these words be the balm to heal your bruised hearts, for Jesus Christ himself uttered them. For this little girl, the writer had a peculiarly strong affection, and in her loss, we sorrow with her bereaved family almost as if she had been one of our own blood. How vividly we recall the many times, day after day, when passing her home, she greeted us with the always remembered salutation, "Howdy Mr. Barwy." Men and women may pass away and be forgotten but hese lisping words of Little Grace will remain with us a cherished recollection. To the parents, in their almost despairing grief, of our hearts goes out in deep sympathy as mortal can feel. We too have stood over the coffin of an idolized child and said those heart-wringing words, "Good-by, sweet baby." in such an hour what are all words, hopes and ambitions? When the relentless hand of death robs us of a loved little one, if the whole world were ours, we would humbly lay it at the feet of God to once more hear the prattle of those frozen little lips which we so delighted to press with warm kisses. But alas, it can not be. When the Great Shepherd calls his lambs they must go to him. Funeral services were held at the residence of E.J. Timberlake, little Grace's grandfather. Presiding Elder Williams officiating, and the interment took place Saturday afternoon at Beech River Graveyard.

iii. Ruth. Born on 1 Oct 1891.

On 25 Oct 1911 when Ruth was 20, she first married Lamar HEISKELL. Lamar died on 2 Sep 1929.

Ruth second married L.Y. WILLIAMSON.

iv. John Ethridge. Born on 21 Mar 1895 in Lexington, Henderson County, Tennessee. At the age of 48, John Ethridge died in Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee in May 1943. Buried in May 1943.

Autobiography: John E. McCall, attorney at law of Memphis, came early to the profession in which he is now engaged. He was, as it were, "to the manner born," for he is a son of the late Judge John B. McCall, who, when he passed away on the 8th of August, 1920, was a judge of the United States district court for western Tennessee and had long been a distinguished representative of the bar of this state. The son was born at Lexington, Tennessee, March 21, 1895, and in 1907 the family removed from that city to Memphis, owing to the fact that the father had been elected to the federal bench In 1905. He served as judge of the district court for fifteen years, leaving his record in most honorable way upon the judicial history of the state. John B. McCall was prepared for college in Memphis University and then he spent five years as a student in the University of Virginia, where he pursued both his academic and law courses, being graduated from the law department in 1917 with the LL.B. degree. However, he left the university in April, 1917, two months prior to commencement time, in order to enter the military service of his country in connection with the World war. He spent two months at the Officers Training Camp at Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia, and was commissioned a first lieutenant of infantry. He went to France in January, 1918, serving overseas in both France and Germany until May, 1919, and returning with a captain's commission. In the fall of 1919 Captain McCall entered upon the practice of law in Memphis and is now concentrating his efforts and attention upon the work of the profession, in which he is making steady progress. He recognizes the necessity for thorough preparation of his cases and is a close student of the law; while in the application of a legal principle he is seldom, if ever, at fault. On the 7th of January, 1920, Captain McCall was married to Miss Mabel Pidgeon, a member of one of the best known families of Memphis, and they have become parents of a son, John E., Jr., born January 31, 1921. Captain McCall is a member of various clubs, including the Memphis Country Club, the University Club and also the Chi Phi fraternity. His social qualities make for popularity in these organizations, while a laudable ambition and indefatigable energy are bringing him steadily to the front in his chosen profession.

Obituary: Dies in Memphis: Death, Thursday afternoon of last week, ended the career of John E. McCall, Jr., lawyer, veteran of World War I, and twice Republican candidate for Governor of Tennessee. He was 48 years of age. Mr. McCall died at 1:50 o'clock, at the Veteran's Hospital, where he had been a patient since January. He had been in failing health for several months. As the Republican candiate for Governor in 1932, Mr. McCall conducted a vigorous campaign, but was defeated by Hill McAlister. Again in 1934, he was a gubernatorial condidate, but withdrew before the general election in favor of a fusion ticket. He was elected commander of the American Legion Department of Tennessee in 1930, and during the term the state organization was increased in number by more than 8,000, and the Tennessee Legionnaire was established as the official publication. Last year he managed the condidacy of Col. Roane Waring for National Commander of the Legion. John McCall was born in Lexington, and when his father was appointed Collector of Internal Revenue in Nashville, moved with the famly to that city. He entered the U.S. Army in 1917, and became a captain in two years. He took part in the battles of Aisne, Aisne-Marne, St. Mihiel and Meuse-Argonne. The French awarded him the Croix De Guerre. He is survived by his widow and three sons, his mother, Mrs. John E. McCall, Sr, a sister, Mrs. Eddie Priest of Huntingdon, and another sister, Mrs. Ruth Williamson, lives in Memphis. Funeral services were held in Memphis.

On 7 Jan 1920 when John Ethridge was 24, he first married Mable PIDGEON.

On 29 Aug 1936 when John Ethridge was 41, he second married Inez DAVIS.

23. Louanna TIMBERLAKE. Born on 12 Jan 1867. At the age of 87, Louanna died on 12 Sep 1954. Buried in Sep 1954 in Old Beech River Cemetery, Lexington, Henderson County, Tennessee.

On 4 Feb 1896 when Louanna was 29, she married Judge Rayburn Newsom BARHAM. Born on 11 Feb 1863. At the age of 87, Rayburn Newsom died on 15 Aug 1950. Buried in Aug 1950 in Old Beech River Cemetery, Lexington, Henderson County, Tennessee.

They had the following children:
i. Neuce. Born in Jun 1898.

ii. Mary. Born on 2 May 1900.

iii. Celeste. Born in 1902.

Celeste married Frank WHITE.

24. John Richard TIMBERLAKE. Born on 9 Sep 1871.

On 14 Apr 1897 when John Richard was 25, he married Lula BUCKLEY.

They had the following children:
i. Louise. Born on 18 May 1898.

On 20 Nov 1920 when Louise was 22, she married Gil GIDEON.

ii. Alice. Born on 31 Oct 1900.

On 26 Apr 1922 when Alice was 21, she married Walter HILLS.

iii. Edward. Born on 24 Dec 1901.

Edward married Ophie Louise BAUMAN.

25. Jessie TIMBERLAKE. Born on 29 Mar 1878.

On 29 Sep 1898 when Jessie was 20, he married J.L. McNABB.

They had the following children:
i. Henry. Born on 7 Jan 1899.

On 22 Mar 1924 when Henry was 25, he married Polly FOWLKES.

ii. Kate. Born on 26 Apr 1909.

On 6 Sep 1928 when Kate was 19, she married Gaylon ANDREWS.

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