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Sixth Generation (Continued)

Family of Frank Paul RAINEY (34) & Maudie Jacobs Dunlap UTLEY

72. Martha Frances RAINEY. Born on 16 Oct 1924 in Union City, Obion County, Tennessee.

"My full name is Martha Frances Rainey Bates. I was born in October 16, 1924 in Union City, [Obion Co.], TN. "My first memory is of my sister's birth. I was sent across the street to spend the night. When my Dad came to get me, he said that I had a baby sister. "I remember celebrating Christmas; we were always given fruit and nuts, oranges were a real treat. One Christmas the three of us, Dot, Glenn and me, got a small bike called a sidewalk bike. Daddy had salvaged it from the Rose Furniture Store fire. "I attended a different school every year until we moved to Jackson, then I attended Jackson Jr. High and graduated from Jackson High in 1942. "A memorable vacation: When I was very young my family and some relatives camped out overnight at Reelfoot Lake. I was scared because of the darkness and the sounds. "My first paying job was a clerk at J.C. Penney, my senior year in H.S. I took a course called Distributive Education. Our school cooperated with the businesses to learn a trade. "My longest employment was teacher in Jackson city schools. I retired from there [having] taught 6th grade at South Jackson, Andrew Jackson and finally at Lincoln, retiring in 1989. "My formal education consisted of Jackson High, graduating in 1942 and Union University, graduating in 1970 with a Bachelor. My favorite subject in school was history and the least favorite was science. "I first met Arlo Daniel Bates, who was from Iowa, in the fall of 1942. He walked with some friends from Union University down College Street past my house on Church St. then we all walked to West Jackson Baptist Church on W. Deadrick St. We were married on June 3, 1945 at West Jackson Baptist Church by Dr. R. E. Guy. One outstanding memory of that day was when we left that night by overnight train to Chicago, then visited his folks in Michigan. "My children are Robert Frank, born November 3, 1947 in Ft. Worth, Texas and Martha Diane Bates Deschenes, born June 19, 1956 in Hattiesburg, Miss. "If my home caught on fire and I could go back in to retrieve only one thing (assuming all people and pets were safely out), I would choose pictures--cannot be replaced. "If I could give advice on how to live a happy life, I would say, be kind and considerate of others. Be active in ones church. Keep in touch with family."

On 3 Jun 1945 when Martha Frances was 20, she married Reverend Arlo Daniel BATES, son of Robert BATES & Maude FAIRBANKS, in Jackson, Madison County, Tennessee. Born on 25 Mar 1924 in Hillsdale, Branch County, Michigan.

"Dan" is an ordained Baptist minister. The youngest in his family of four children, his mother died before his 4th birthday. His father later remarried, but it appears that the loss of his mother at such a young age was probably at least part of the reason that Daniel didn't do much speaking until he was about 8 years of age. The family relocated to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where they lived for several years before moving back to the Hillsdale County area of southern Michigan. Dan has been an important addition to the convention of Southern Baptist Ministers, entertaining such guests as Revs. Billy Graham and John Hagyee in his home. Further, it was he who began the concept of the child abuse centers initially and presented the idea to his friend, musician Carl Perkins, who volunteered his sponsorship, thus establishing the Carl Perkins Child Abuse Centers throughout the area.

They had the following children:
145 i. Robert Frank (1947-)
146 ii. Martha Diane (1956-)

73. Dorothy Jean RAINEY. Born on 31 Mar 1930 in Union City, Obion County, Tennessee.

"My full name is Dorothy Jean Rainey Wilson. I was born March 31, 1930 in Union City [Obion Co.], TN. I was told that it was real cold with light snow on the day of my birth. My first childhood memory is playing in or being rocked in a large rocking chair. I was sitting on the wide arm. "I remember celebrating Christmas as we had great Christmases, Dad saw to that. We always had a live cedar tree. "I remember about elementary school [that] the playground had a large 'you push' merry-go-round. I loved it "No long [childhood] vacations for us. It was one day to the zoo, one day to Shiloh, and one day to the country to visit Mammy Maude and Mammy Rainey. "My first paying job was when I was 14. I worked at Kisber's Dept. Store. I ran errands, dusted and cleaned up. I made 35 cents an hour. My longest employment as an adult was working at my church in child care. No retirement, just quit when son Don went to medical school. "My formal education consisted of Jackson local schools, high school and took classes at Jackson State. History was my favorite subject and math my least. "I first met Ted Wilson in 1948 in January. Ted was visiting a girlfriend of mine. We were married on Sept. 16th, 1948 in Ted's preacher's home, Harry Phillips. One memory of that day was that Mama was still sick from cancer. Glenn had always gone with us everywhere and he felt so bad that he couldn't go to Nashville with us on our weekend honeymoon. My children are David Glenn Wilson, Paula Jean Wilson Simpson and Donald Allen Wilson. "If my home caught on fire and I could go back in to retrieve only one thing, I would choose pictures, both family and those that David painted. "If I could give advice on how to live a happy life, I would say, live my life in a way that pleases me, my family and my Lord."

On 16 Sep 1948 when Dorothy Jean was 18, she married Theadore David WILSON, in Union City, Obion County, Tennessee. Born on 27 Sep 1926 in El Centro, California. Occupation: Dairy Worker and furniture store.

Ted was sent to Tennessee to live with his maternal grandmother and uncle on a dairy farm when he was about 10 years old, traveling from California back to West Tennessee via bus all by himself. His father, last name Rife, had been a steeplejack and was killed in a tragic accident, falling about 300 feet to his death while doing his job. Within six months, a younger sister died due to acute appendicitis and another sister drowned after slipping off of a bridge while dangling her feet in the swift moving current while sitting next to her brother, Ted. His mother remarried and it was after this that Ted was sent to family in Tennessee. Ted had served in the Navy during WWII, and saved his ship from attack by the Japanese by manning one of the cannons and shooting down the planes. The concussion of the gun took it's toll, however, as in the 1980's brain surgery was necessary to remove the scar tissue/tumor on the frontal lobes of his brain which had been attributed to the jarring of the heavy cannons.

They had the following children:
i. David Glenn. Born on 4 Oct 1952 in Jackson, Madison County, Tennessee. At the age of 48, David Glenn died in Jackson, Madison County, Tennessee on 30 Sep 2001. Buried on 2 Oct 2001 in Highland Memorial Gardens, Jackson, Madison County, Tennessee. Occupation: Department Manager for Lowes. Cause of death: Esophageal and liver cancer.

David is a very accomplish artist, doing his own Christmas cards annually. David remembers his high school graduation: "... Several friends wanted to make the last graduating class of Jackson High well remembered. Having spent four years as Mr. Do No Wrong, I was ready to join the mainstream group of kids who knew the interior of (Principal) Mr. Fann's office very well. It was decided in sixth period biology that all six lab partners would sneak lab mice into graduation and release them as soon as the Valedictorian started to speak. We would tie a mouse in a sock, placed in our pants pocket. A wonderful idea? "A lifetime wearer of husky pants, there was not alot of room to spare, so I decided to wear two pairs of socks, keeping my mouse inside the outer sock, secured with a rubber band at the top. "All was going well, mouse in place, I'm in line, we all march in, sit down. Ten or so minutes later I felt a funny sensation. The rubber band had evidently popped and the mouse crawled up, not out, and was already past my knee. Houdini time, I quickly slipped my hand inside my graduation gown, unzipped my pants and proceeded to chase the mouse. The commotion was a little more than one resulting from tight underwear, and I was being watched by the gym coach. What a relief when I had the little critter in my hand. All was well. "It's a little hard to zip up ones' pants with a wiggly mouse in ones' hand. Not thinking, I pulled the mouse out, turned to Katherine Yarborough and asked, "Hold him, please." She did not like mice. "I got the diploma along with a speech from Mrs. Cagle as how disappointed she was in me. I think I got an invitation to every Graduation Party held that night. Funny, mine was the only mouse found. So much for the sworn oath of the sixth period biology lab." David wrote the following to the many folks who were supporting him during his illness: "Seems like alot of folks are writing me, wanting to be reassured that my Faith is still strong. Yes it is. I realize that each breath is a true gift. Each sunset a miracle; a birds song, a hymn. Yes, my cross of cancer grows heavier, more prayers are needed to carry it, yes, I have stumbled with it several times. Faith has allowed me to pick it up and continue this journey. Your prayers keep one foot in front of the other. This is a walk you can not go alone. Life is so wonderful, even nights crying, holding my stomach, feeling the insides losing function bit by bit, it's life--God's gift. The pain is quickly gone, and another sunrise on its way. I have learned to look ahead to the next, smile from my nephew's face, finding a treat in "Bubba's" treat jar, such simple things are real life. These expected memories make most pain go away. Yes, I give thanks every day to God, for one more day of LIFE. The Doctors have promised me more pain, more suffering. God has promised more hymns, sunrises and smiles. I promised God Stronger faith and understanding. May Gods' will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.............this prayer holds all answers. Salvation so simple, whosoever believeth in HIM. God has given us a taste of pain in this world, yet promised a world without it next. Yes, My faith is still strong, and God is still loved, so very much. God Bless all my dear friends. Love to all, David" He composed a prayer for his family and friends, which was read at his funeral: "Davids' Prayer; Prayer to Family and Friends "Dear Lord and Father Grant this day and always Peace and serenity to my family and friends. "Let us know that this, too, is the day the Lord hath made To rejoice and be glad in it. I leave with tears yet no fears. Sweet memories remain. "Each of you know I'll be waiting and watching Until hand again touches hand and eye again sees eye. "God presented me with this cross called cancer, I hope I've borne it well. If this walk with my cross has but inspired one other To seek their cross God's will has been done. "This peace is the only gift God has promised us, Death but a stepping stone. I thank God for believing in me For having faith in me. "I praise him for the talents bestowed me, Family he gave me, Friends he sent me And the loved ones he provided. "Praise be the name of the Lord."

Obituary: Memorial services for David Glenn Wilson, 48, will be held at 2:00 PM Tuesday, October 2, 2001 from Arrington Funeral Directors, with Dr. Maurice Hollingsworth officiating. David died at his residence on Sunday, September 30, 2001. A native of Jackson and Madison County, he was born on October 4, 1952, the son of Ted David and Dorothy Rainey Wilson. David was educated in the Jackson City schools. David graduated from Union University with a degree in business and received a masters degree from the University of Memphis. He was an accomplished artist and loved to share his talent with family and friends. David worked in the family furniture business for a number of years and had been employed with Lowe's for the past ten years in management. He was a Christian and a member of the West Jackson Baptist Church. He also enjoyed the fellowship of the St. Luke's Episcopal Church. David is survived by his parents, Dot and Ted Wilson; a sister Paula Wilson Simpson and her husband Robert, their children Rob, Wilson and John all of Jackson; a brother, Dr. Don Wilson and his wife Elizabeth Waldrop and their children Katie, Ben David and Andrew all of Jackson. At David's request there will be no visitation at the funeral home. The family will have a private committal service following the memorial service. The family has requested that memorials be directed to the Music Ministry at West Jackson Baptist Church, 580 Oil Well Rd., Jackson, TN 38305. The family wishes to thank friends, family and co-workers for the many acts of kindness shown David this past year. God Bless You All.

147 ii. Paula Jean (1956-)
148 iii. Donald Allen (1960-)

74. Donald Glenn RAINEY. Born on 14 Aug 1931 in Mayfield, Graves County, Kentucky.

Glenn (Donald) has a degree in Industrial Engineering from Georgia Tech and took over the family business, Rainey Furniture. He was previously employed by the Westinghouse Company. Utilizing the family business as a starting point, he was able to build upon that and develop a company, Rainey and Associates, Inc., that dealt in the service of furniture liquidations all over the country. From 1952-1998 they bought, sold and liquidated over 225 million dollars of furniture in 116 furniture stores located in 94 cities in 30 states. During the years 1967-1971 Glenn served as Advisor to Tennessee Governor Buford Ellington. It was in 1968 that a garbage strike in Memphis lead to a major battle of the civil rights movement of the time and Memphis appeared to be on a course of total destruction. People had been shot, buildings burned and cars were destroyed, among other things. Governor Ellington was to have a meeting with Dr. Martin Luthur King, Junior and his associates at the Shelby County Courthouse at 3 p.m. on 5 Apr 1968, which Glenn was called to attend. Unfortunately, Dr. King was killed in Memphis on 4 Apr 1968. Glenn writes, "I would like to give you a brief outline on the life of Donald Glenn Rainey, son of Maudie Utley and Frank Rainey, born in Mayfield, Kentucky, August 14, 1931. Moved to Jackson, Tennessee in 1935. "As a child I was a very small person who wore glasses from 7 years old to adulthood. First job was 8 years old capping strawberries with Mot and Dot. Became a Christian at 9 years old, the most important decision in my life. Worked in furniture store from 10 years old. Started driving in 1945 at 14 years old, a Hudson Terraplane. Learned to keep books at Rose Furniture Co. at 16. "Graduated from Union University in 1953, Geraldine and I were married the same year, the 2nd most important decision in my life. Received Masters Degree from Georgia Tech in 1954. Drafted into the army in January 1955. Stationed at Camp Gordon, Georgia, Fort Sam Houston, Texas. 1957-1960 electrical steel buyer for Westinghouse Electric Corporation in Sharon, Pennsylvania. Dennis born in 1957 and Julie born in 1959 in Sharon, Pennsylvania. Resigned in 1960 as Assistant to Executive Vice President of Westinghouse and returned to Jackson. Geraldine and I wanted to raise our children in Jackson, Tennessee. Also, Dad's health was failing due to cancer. "In 1960 Dad and I bought out the Bonds who were part owners of Rainey-Bond Furniture Co. and we formed Rainey Furniture Company. Jill was born in 1961. This completed the D.G. Rainey family. We were a very happy family in Jackson, Tennessee. Elected young man of the year in 1965 and served as one of Governor Ellington's campaign chairmen in 1966. A sad time for the Raineys in 1968 when Dad died and 1970 when Mother died. "Ted Wilson agreed to run the furniture store if I would stay in Jackson and do church, civic, political and educational work; there never was a better brother-in-law. "In 1972 elected Chairman of Tennessee Higher Education Commission, which is the coordinating board for all of higher education in Tennessee. "In 1978, started liquidation business that took us from Seattle to Boston to Miami, worked in 120 cities in 30 states from 1978 to 1989. In 1989 Dennis, Jill and I started the furniture outlet business in Hickory, North Carolina that has extended into Georgia, Virginia, South Carolina and Florida. "As of 2003, Dennis, Mary Ann, Melissa and Jason; Jill, Craig and Max live in Hickory, North Carolina; Julie, Chris, Preston and Cameron live in Evansville, Indiana. Geraldine and I live between Jackson, Tennessee, Lake Lure, North Carolina and Hickory, North Carolina. "We are a very happy and loving Christian family and very proud to be part of the Utley family... we love all of you and pray for you every day."

On 7 Jun 1953 when Donald Glenn was 21, he married Geraldine EDWARDS, daughter of Benjamin EDWARDS & Lucille GRAY, in Jackson, Madison County, Tennessee. Born on 23 Oct 1930 in Jackson, Madison County, Tennessee.

They had the following children:
149 i. Denis Glenn (1957-)
150 ii. Julie Lynn (1959-)
151 iii. Jill Marie (1961-)

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