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Fifth Generation (Continued)

Family of Horace Jefferson RAINEY (15) & Junotha CAVINESS

32. Leary Ann RAINEY. Born on 2 Feb 1892 in Medina, Gibson County, Tennessee. At the age of 68, Leary Ann died in Cedar Grove, Carroll County, Tennessee on 3 Jan 1961.

On 6 Aug 1911 when Leary Ann was 19, she married Lucian Alvester WOOD, in Gibson County, Tennessee. Born on 29 Oct 1883 in Tennessee. At the age of 90, Lucian Alvester died in Cedar Grove, Carroll County, Tennessee in Aug 1974. Alias/AKA: "Vester".

They had the following children:
66 i. Lucian Edward (1912-1972)
ii. Mattie Lee. Born on 2 Mar 1914 in Gibson County, Tennessee. At the age of 87, Mattie Lee died in Huntingdon, Carroll County, Tennessee on 22 Feb 2002. Buried on 24 Feb 2002 in Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Carroll County, Tennessee.

Obituary: Services for Mattie Lee Wood, 87, will be Today at 2:00 p.m. at Dilday Funeral Home with burial to follow at Pleasant Hill Cemetery. She is survived by one sister Lillie Mae Clark of Cedar Grove, TN.

Obituary: Mattie Lee Wood, 87, of Cedar Grove, died Friday, February 22, at the Baptist Memorial Hospital in Huntingdon. Services were held on Sunday, February 24, at the Dilday Funeral Home Chapel. Brother Marshall Gurley officiated. Burial followed in the Pleasant Hill Cemetery near Cedar Grove. Pallbearers who served were Gene Clark, Allen Kee, Mark Milam, Mike Cobb, Ryan Cobb and Jeremy Gurley. Miss Wood, the daughter of the late Vester and Leary Rainey Wood, was born March 2, 1914, in Gibson County. She was a homemaker and a member of the Hopewell Baptist Church. She was preceded in death by two brothers, Lucian Wood and J.D. Wood. She is survived by a sister, Lillie Mae Clark, and a sister-in-law, Mable Wood, both of Cedar Grove; and several nieces and nephews.

67 iii. Lillie Mae (1916-)
68 iv. James David (1918-1995)
v. Minnie Sue. Born on 15 May 1923 in Gibson County, Tennessee. Minnie Sue died in Gibson County, Tennessee on 15 May 1923. Buried in May 1923 in Chapel Hill Cemetery, Gibson County, Tennessee.

vi. Evelyn Marie. Born on 16 Apr 1930 in Gibson County, Tennessee. Evelyn Marie died in Gibson County, Tennessee on 16 Apr 1930. Buried in Apr 1930 in Chapel Hill Cemetery, Gibson County, Tennessee.

vii. Irma Jean. Born on 4 Jun 1932 in Tennessee. Irma Jean died in Tennessee on 10 Jun 1932. Buried in Jun 1932 in Chapel Hill Cemetery, Gibson County, Tennessee.

33. Adley R. RAINEY. Born on 24 Jul 1896 in Medina, Gibson County, Tennessee. At the age of 66, Adley R. died in Milan, Gibson County, Tennessee on 10 Jan 1963. Buried in Jan 1963 in White Rose Cemetery, Gibson County, Tennessee. Cause of death: Malignant Melanoma.

From a Gibson County Newspaper of his day:

"MOST SUCCESSFUL TRUCK FARMER -- A. R. Rainey Proves What Can Be Done Through Energy and Work

There is nothing that can be more interesting than a trip through this section of Gibson County and over the fields of many of the farmers that are using up-to-date methods and diversified farming. There are scores of real business men that are making successes and money our of their farms and one of the most interesting fields we have visited is the farm of Mr. A. R. Rainey, located some four or five miles west of Milan on the road north of Davis' store. "Mr. Rainey bought this farm eleven years ago and has turned his attention to truck farming. His farm is one hundred and sixteen acres and he has one hundred and ten acres of this in cultivation. You find there clean fields, proper cultivation, and attractive layout for his various crops. He has in this year 14 acres of tomatoes, 11 acres of cabbage, 7 acres of sweet potatoes, 8 acres of early corn, 17 acres of cotton, 7 acres of peas, 1 acre of cucumbers, 1 acre of pepper. "As soon as he has finished cutting his cabbage, the eleven acres grown in cabbage will be put in corn. "Mr. Rainey has sold $1,119.50 worth of cabbage off of his eleven acres so far this season and has four to five tons more to cut. This data was given us last Saturday and he has possibly finished cutting his cabbage by this time and is putting his field in corn. He has plenty of work stock, cows, a few good hogs and is a splendid example of the prosperous farmer of Gibson County that makes his living at home and a surplus and good money profit on his year's work. "He is one of the many farmers that had no property to begin with and his success has been entirely due to his good business ability, his energy and wise selection of crops along with soil building and progressive methods. A very few of the good farmers of this section of the county have equaled or surpassed what he has done on his farm. It would be good for many other farmers to pattern after his methods."

Military: Adley R. Rainey was a veteran of World War I, serving as Private First Class, Battery D, 34th Artillery.

In 1918 when Adley R. was 21, he married Ethel Lenora GOODWIN, in Gibson County, Tennessee. Born on 18 Jun 1890 in Tennessee. At the age of 94, Ethel Lenora died in Mount Herman, Louisiana on 13 Nov 1984. Buried in Nov 1984 in White Rose Cemetery, Gibson County, Tennessee.

They had the following children:
69 i. Clara Mae (1919-2001)
70 ii. Lida Sue (1922-2001)
71 iii. Annie Lou (1922-2002)

34. Frank Paul RAINEY. Born on 17 Dec 1899 in Cherry Grove, Gibson County, Tennessee. At the age of 68, Frank Paul died in Jackson, Madison County, Tennessee in Mar 1968. Buried in Mar 1968 in Highland Memorial Gardens, Jackson, Madison County, Tennessee. Occupation: Furniture sales, farming, and insurance. Cause of death: Brain Stem Cancer.

Frank Rainey (also listed as Paul Franklin Rainey), along with a business partner named Bond, established Rainey Bond Furniture in Jackson, Tennessee. Sometime later, the partner was bought out and the business was owned solely by Frank Rainey and it became, quite literally, a family owned and operated business. Further, it was very successful and became well respected over a very wide geographical area because of the fair dealings with customers regardless of race or income. Previously, Frank had been a farmer and an insurance salesman. Grandson, Robert "Bobby" Bates recalls a trip out west that he made with his grandparents: "While in South Dakota on a trip with Grandma and Granddaddy, we'd packed up in the morning to leave the motel where we had stayed. About 20 miles into the day's drive, Granddaddy asked me, "Bud, ain't it a little too quiet?" I turned to the back of the car and no Grandma! For some reason, I didn't say anything. A few minutes later, Granddaddy says, "She's not back there, is she?" "Nope," I replied. Still, we drove on a few miles further before turning around and going back to retrieve Grandma. "We were expecting that she would be in the motel office, waiting comfortably, however irritated. Not so! Standing out in front of the room we had recently vacated was Grandma, bags in hand and a very dark cloud across her countenance. She didn't say a word as she got into the car but that didn't last very long. "I think this was the same trip where she got all upset about passports and vaccinations that we'd need to find a doctor right away as we crossed from Texas into New Mexico."

On 21 Dec 1921 when Frank Paul was 22, he married Maudie Jacobs Dunlap UTLEY, daughter of John UTLEY & Lilla JACOBS. Born on 12 Feb 1905 in Lavinia, Carroll County, Tennessee. At the age of 65, Maudie Jacobs Dunlap died in Jackson, Madison County, Tennessee on 5 Mar 1970.

Maudie was the seventh child and the fourth daughter born to John Allen and Lilla Maude Utley. Maudie was born on 12 Feb 1905 in Lavinia, Carroll County, Tennessee. When she was sixteen years old, she married Frank Paul Rainey on 21 Dec 1921. Their's was a long, loving marriage which lasted 47 years until his death in 1968. They had three children: Martha Frances (Mot), Dorothy Jean (Dot) and Donald Glenn. Maudie Utley Rainey passed away on 5 Mar 1970 leaving behind a loving family that included eight grandchildren. One of her greatest legacies was her love of family and devotion to her children and grandchildren. Daughter Dorothy/Dot recalls her mother: "I've written about Mama before but there is still so much to tell. "Growing up on Church Street, we always had summer company. Folks from Chicago, New Orleans and Kansas City came home to see Mammy Maude [Lilla Maude Utley] who lived in a tiny house at Lavinia with my Dad's mother, Mammy Rainey. When they came to Jackson they stayed with us. "Mama made room. To visit us meant you always had a bed and good meals. The house was cooled with floor fans and Mama made lots of iced tea. "Mot was not at home much of the time; she was in college or had married and moved to Texas. Glenn and I liked having the company and with the visiting cousins we slept on the floor. During the war time when sugar and meat were scarce, Aunt Bet [Bettie Dee] brought sugar in her "grip" and Uncle Prentyce [Prentyce Utley] and Uncle John [John Utley] could be counted on for hams for the company. We ate real good and Mama was a good cook. Mama was always glad to have her family visit." Daughter-in-law Geraldine Edwards Rainey remembers Maudie Rainey: "All the 'meddling mother-in-law' jokes are out the window with Maudie Rainey because she was not. She was a generous and loving Morther-in-law and grandmother. I learned very early that I could not mention anything I would like to have or wanted because the next day I would have it. She dearly loved her family and would sacrifice every ounce of energy and anything she possessed for them. It was a shame she could not live to see her grandchildren grow to adulthood."

They had the following children:
72 i. Martha Frances (1924-)
73 ii. Dorothy Jean (1930-)
74 iii. Donald Glenn (1931-)

35. Hazel Bell RAINEY. Born on 6 Dec 1902 in Cherry Grove, Gibson County, Tennessee. At the age of 41, Hazel Bell died in Lavinia, Carroll County, Tennessee on 25 Apr 1944.

Wortham L. Barnes was at Hazel Rainey Barnes' home when she died in about 1943 or 1944. Mrs. Junie Caviness Rainey was her mother and was there when Hazel died, apparently of a blood clot on the brain. She had come home from the hospital after having her appendix removed. Wortham, his father, Wortham Davis Barnes, and Samuel L. "Boss" Barnes, Hazel's husband, were working in the field planting cotton when Wortham saw Mrs. Rainey waving her hands and knew something was wrong. "We all ran to the house and Aunt Hazel was dead by the time we got there." They were living about 2 miles south of Lavinia, Carroll Co., TN and left on another road about 1 mile. On the day of her funeral, it was raining so hard that there was enough water collecting in the grave that family members began dipping the water out. "Boss" Barnes would not allow Hazel's coffin to be lowered into the grave with the water filling the hole

Hazel Bell married Samuel L. BARNES, son of David BARNES & Frances ?. Born in 1890 in Carroll County, Tennessee. Alias/AKA: "Boss".

They had the following children:
75 i. Jeff Willard (1922-2004)
ii. Winfred L.. Born on 20 Mar 1924 in Lavinia, Carroll County, Tennessee. At the age of 1, Winfred L. died in Lavinia, Carroll County, Tennessee on 23 May 1925. Cause of death: Malarial pneumonia.

36. Mattie Lou RAINEY. Born on 24 May 1905 in Cherry Grove, Gibson County, Tennessee. At the age of 88, Mattie Lou died in Milan, Gibson County, Tennessee in 1994.

In 1923 when Mattie Lou was 17, she first married James Robert MORGAN, in Tennessee. Born on 12 Jul 1887 in Tennessee.

They had the following children:
76 i. Sylvia Laverne (1924-1968)
ii. James Lavone. Born in 1926 in Tennessee. James Lavone died in Tennessee in 1926.

77 iii. Ella Junene (1928-)

In 1934 when Mattie Lou was 28, she second married F.M. MANGUM, in Tennessee. Born on 8 Sep 1910 in Tennessee. At the age of 76, F.M. died in Milan, Gibson County, Tennessee in Mar 1987.

They had the following children:
78 i. Barbara Jean (1936-)
79 ii. Jerry Lee (1939-)

37. Emmett B. RAINEY. Born on 9 Mar 1911 in Pinson, Madison County, Tennessee. At the age of 63, Emmett B. died in Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee on 26 Sep 1974. Alias/AKA: "Bee".

Emmett was quite young when his father died and his father's brother, Adley R. Rainey, went down to Pinson, Tennessee, to pick up the boy and bring him back to live on the farm with his family. Emmett was called "Bee" for his middle initial and is said to have been a very handsome man with a definite way with the girls. When he was old enough, according to family lore, he got himself a fast car and several girl friends. After he finally settled down and got married he continued to live for a time on the Adley Rainey farm. "Bee" later worked as a heavy equipment operator and was one of the workers who helped to build the I-40 expressway through Western Tennessee.

In 1930 when Emmett B. was 18, he married Ruth PRICE, in Gibson County, Tennessee. Ruth died in Dec 2000.

They had the following children:
i. Horace Earl. Born on 5 Dec 1932 in Gibson County, Tennessee. At the age of 66, Horace Earl died in Lake County, Tennessee on 24 Mar 1999. Buried in Mar 1999 in New Haven Cemetery, Lake County, Tennessee.

In 1949 when Horace Earl was 16, he first married Bobbie Jean MUNNEY, in Carroll County, Tennessee.

Horace Earl second married Dorothy B. ?. Born on 30 Jul 1940. At the age of 59, Dorothy B. died on 11 Feb 2000. Buried in Feb 2000 in New Haven Cemetery, Lake County, Tennessee.

ii. William. Born ca 1935 in Tennessee.

iii. Jim T.. Born on 4 Aug 1937 in Gibson County, Tennessee. Occupation: Truck Driver for United Parcel Service (UPS).

Jim had been badly stomped by a horse and nearly died when he was seven years of age. He spent three months in the hospital, including his eighth birthday. His injuries included a torn stomach lining and a rupture/hole in his small intestine. Part of the emergency treatment included standing him up and literally hosing his insides out in an effort to prevent peritonitis or septicemia from killing the boy. He was told that he would never grow to any size, would never be able to have children (he has a son and a daughter) and various other cautions that have fortunately been proven wrong. As an adult, he reached in the area of six feet tall.

Jim T. married Evelyn Delores ?.

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