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Seventh Generation (Continued)

Family of Jess William PAYNE (169) & Rudy Odom PHILLIPS

401. Rachel Louise PAYNE. Born on 21 Apr 1918 in Commerce, Texas.

On 8 Mar 1936 when Rachel Louise was 17, she married Walker BROWN, son of Henry BROWN & Julia Etta CARLTON. Born on 4 Oct 1914.

They had the following children:
769 i. Wanda Kay (1940-)
770 ii. Kenneth Wayne (1942-)
iii. Debra Lynne. Born on 13 Oct 1955 in Pasadena, California.

Debra Lynne married John BOBBITT.

402. Reva Lee PAYNE. Born on 29 May 1921 in Commerce, Texas.

On 10 Feb 1937 when Reva Lee was 15, she first married Mitchell Baxter CARTER. They were divorced.

On 28 May 1939 when Reva Lee was 17, she second married Mitchell Baxter CARTER, son of Flaud J. CARTER & Maud JOHNSON. Born on 12 Feb 1914. At the age of 61, Mitchell Baxter died on 23 Jul 1975.

They had the following children:
i. Michael Roy. Born on 20 Oct 1945 in Torrance, California. At the age of 21, Michael Roy died in Vietnam in 1967.

771 ii. Lonnie Richard (1947-)
772 iii. Russell Edward (1950-)

403. Ina Fay PAYNE. Born on 11 Dec 1924 in Commerce, Texas.

On 13 Mar 1944 when Ina Fay was 19, she first married Weldon Ray MOSES, son of Lee Herbert MOSES & Essie Morine BOWERS.

They had the following children:
773 i. Judy Ann (1945-)
774 ii. Linda Jane (1947-)
775 iii. Ronald Gene (1949-)
776 iv. Johnny Ray (1950-)

Ina Fay second married John Aubrey MARLAR.

On 1 Feb 1967 when Ina Fay was 42, she third married Douglas Randolph PRICE.

Ina Fay fourth married Weldon Ray MOSES.

404. May Belle PAYNE. Born on 10 Jul 1925 in Commerce, Texas. Alias/AKA: "Jodie".

On 4 Aug 1940 when May Belle was 15, she first married William Everette GRASTON. Born on 3 Jun 1917. At the age of 58, William Everette died on 8 Nov 1975.

They had the following children:
777 i. Ruby Caroline (1944-)
778 ii. Helen Louise (1947-)
iii. Billy Everett. Born on 13 Dec 1957 in Pasadena, California.

On 25 Oct 1975 when May Belle was 50, she second married Michael YARISH.

405. Mary Frances PAYNE. Born on 20 Jul 1927. Occupation: Nurse.

Mary Frances married Darwin Eugene WALLACE, son of Edward Dowden WALLACE & Zilla Adeline WALLACE. Born on 21 Dec 1921.

They had the following children:
779 i. Charles Dwayne (1943-)
780 ii. Larry Eugene (1944-)
781 iii. Betty Sue (1947-)
782 iv. Shirley Gail (1950-)
v. William Gerald. Born on 31 Oct 1952.

William Gerald first married Daphnia Marcelle FRY.

On 13 Jul 1973 when William Gerald was 20, he second married Denise Elaine STEGALL, daughter of Charlie Ray STEGALL & Lavella Muriel HENDRIX.

vi. Darla Frances. Born on 4 Apr 1957.

Darla Frances married Kenneth Morris HOLMES Junior, son of Kenneth Morris HOLMES Senior. They were divorced.

vii. Payton Edward. Born on 11 Jan 1965 in Crosbyton, Texas.

406. Edsel O'dell PAYNE. Born on 16 Dec 1929 in Shallowater, Texas.

Edsel O'dell married Dessie Louise BROYLES, daughter of John Wesley BROYLES & Emily Ada HORNER. Born on 10 Nov 1932.

They had the following children:
783 i. Benita Dell (1949-)
ii. Jesse Edward. Born on 2 Nov 1951 in Ralls, Texas.

784 iii. Edsel O'dell (1952-)
785 iv. Jawanna Louise (1954-)
786 v. Dona Maxine (1956-)
vi. Donald Jeryl. Born on 2 Apr 1963.

vii. Art Glen. Born on 11 Jul 1964 in Covina, California.

viii. Bambie Idett. Born on 20 Jul 1970 in Floydada, Texas.

407. Betty Ruth PAYNE. Born on 28 Aug 1931 in Shallowater, Texas.

Betty Ruth first married Charles McNEELY.

They had the following children:
i. Lonnie Ray. Born in 1951 in Crosbyton, Texas.

ii. Linda Ruth. Born in 1952 in Torrance, California.

On 29 May 1954 when Betty Ruth was 22, she second married William E. DELONJAY, son of Henry A. DELONJAY & Ida F. TOWNSEND. Born on 9 Jul 1915.

They had the following children:
i. Henry Steven. Born in 1955 in Quincy, Illinois.

ii. Stanley W.. Born in 1956 in Quincy, Illinois.

iii. Mark D.. Born in 1958 in Quincy, Illinois.

iv. Jeffrey S.. Born in 1962 in Quincy, Illinois.

v. Ida Jo. Born in 1964 in Quincy, Illinois.

Ida Jo Delonjay and Ina Jean Delonjay are twins.

vi. Ina Jean. Born in 1964 in Quincy, Illinois.

Ida Jo Delonjay and Ina Jean Delonjay are twins.

408. Jo Nell PAYNE. Born on 7 Jul 1933 in Shallowater, Texas.

In 1959 when Jo Nell was 25, she married Verlyn SYTH. Born on 11 Sep 1933.

They had the following children:
i. Daryl Lynn.

ii. Dale Wayne.

iii. Diane Jo.

409. Jeryl Dee PAYNE. Born on 13 Mar 1935 in Lorenzo, Texas.

On 13 Dec 1957 when Jeryl Dee was 22, he married Mildred Dean COBLE, daughter of John Luther COBLE & Rachel Loraine MANNING. Born on 19 Jun 1939.

They had the following children:
787 i. Curtis Dee (1958-)
788 ii. Karen Darlene (1960-)
iii. Kathy Dean. Born on 20 Sep 1961 in Maywood, California. At the age of 14, Kathy Dean died on 3 Jun 1976. Buried in Jun 1976 in Ector, Texas.

410. James Art PAYNE. Born on 9 Jul 1939 in Ralls, Texas.

James Art married Linda MARKEY. Born on 3 May 1941.

They had the following children:
i. Julie Lynn. Born on 16 Dec 1959 in Covina, California.

ii. Jodie Marie. Born on 3 Feb 1961 in Covina, California.

iii. Christine Louise. Born on 4 Oct 1965 in Covina, California.

411. Kenneth Don PAYNE. Born on 19 Jul 1941 in Ralls, Texas.

On 9 May 1965 when Kenneth Don was 23, he married Linda Irene HENRY, daughter of John Emmett HENRY & Helen Irene ERICSON. Born on 9 Apr 1941.

They had the following children:
i. Lisa Marie. Born on 22 Mar 1967 in Arcadia, California.

ii. Curtis William. Born on 6 Sep 1969 in Arcadia, California.

iii. Michael Eric. Born on 22 Jan 1971 in Covina, California.

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