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Seventh Generation (Continued)

Family of Lue PAYNE (166) & William Callaway BURCH

382. Annie Gertrude BURCH. Born on 24 Aug 1903 in Springer, Oklahoma.

On 11 Nov 1925 when Annie Gertrude was 22, she married Leslie PARKER. Born on 14 Apr 1902. At the age of 70, Leslie died on 28 Apr 1972.

They had the following children:
755 i. Royce Leslie (1926-)
756 ii. Donald Keith (1928-)
757 iii. Jerald Dwayne (1930-)

383. Richard Joe BURCH. Born on 28 Oct 1905 in Springer, Oklahoma.

On 16 Feb 1935 when Richard Joe was 29, he married Vivian Edna DRUM, daughter of William Ezra DRUM & Ella Lewis BURNS. Born on 7 Aug 1906.

They had one child:
758 i. Wenona Laverne (1936-)

384. Albert Luther BURCH. Born on 11 Feb 1908 in Springer, Oklahoma.

On 15 Nov 1933 when Albert Luther was 25, he married Vera FRADY. Born on 23 Jul 1916.

They had the following children:
759 i. Roberta Fay (1935-)
760 ii. Wanda Lou (1936-)

385. Callie Beatrice BURCH. Born on 30 Jul 1910 in Springer, Oklahoma.

Callie Beatrice first married James Royal McGEE. Born on 16 Sep 1906. At the age of 39, James Royal died on 10 May 1946.

They had one child:
761 i. Melvin Keith (1927-1984)

Callie Beatrice second married Armand Charles SIGARD. Armand Charles died on 24 Jan 1987.

386. Blanche Beulah BURCH. Born on 27 Oct 1912 in Springer, Oklahoma.

On 8 Aug 1934 when Blanche Beulah was 21, she married James Beauford WINGO, son of Joseph Earl WINGO & Corrie HAMMETT. Born on 16 Sep 1909.

They had the following children:
762 i. James (1936-)
763 ii. Joe Lance (1940-)
iii. Joy Louise. Born on 18 Jul 1944.

Joy Louise first married Terry FOX.

On 23 Oct 1981 when Joy Louise was 37, she second married Sam BASS.

764 iv. Dorsey Allen (1946-)

387. William Clyde BURCH. Born on 29 Jan 1915 in Springer, Oklahoma.

William Clyde married Opal McDonald DICKENS. Born on 21 Jul 1912.

They had one child:
765 i. Ray Dickens (1931-)

388. Vonda Merhl BURCH. Born on 29 Jul 1917 in Springer, Oklahoma.

On 15 Jan 1938 when Vonda Merhl was 20, she married Virgil Jackson HOWARD. Born on 6 Jun 1913.

They had one child:
766 i. Kathy Lou (1947-)

389. Frankie Charlene BURCH. Born on 21 Dec 1919 in Springer, Oklahoma.

Frankie Charlene married Jerry Clint WEST, son of Benjamin Newton WEST & Artie HOLT. Born on 28 Jan 1918. At the age of 48, Jerry Clint died on 24 Sep 1966.

They had the following children:
767 i. Sylvia Ruth (1954-)
ii. Benjamin William. Born on 24 Feb 1957.

On 16 Jun 1984 when Benjamin William was 27, he married Margaret Elizabeth SALMON.

390. Jack Charles BURCH. Born on 11 Nov 1922 in Springer, Oklahoma.

On 28 Nov 1961 when Jack Charles was 39, he married Margaret Ann SMITH. Born on 19 Jul 1935.

They had one child:
i. Lee Charles. Born on 9 Dec 1962 in Senora, Texas. At the age of 20, Lee Charles died on 7 Aug 1983.

391. Kenneth Eugene BURCH. Born on 14 Jan 1925 in Springer, Oklahoma.

On 26 Nov 1954 when Kenneth Eugene was 29, he married Frankie Marie STILLMAN. Born on 14 Nov 1930.

They had one child:
i. Gary Kenneth. Born on 26 Jun 1958 in Arlington, Tennessee.

On 8 Feb 1986 when Gary Kenneth was 27, he married Evelyn ALKIRE.

392. Peggy Joyce BURCH. Born on 13 May 1927 in Springer, Oklahoma.

On 4 May 1949 when Peggy Joyce was 21, she married Donata CIPRIANI. Born on 24 Dec 1925.

They had the following children:
i. Don B.. Born on 12 Dec 1950.

Don B. married Donna Sue CANTRELL.

ii. Linda B.. Born on 27 Jan 1953.

iii. Glen Ray. Born on 3 Sep 1954.

Glen Ray married Cheryl Ann POLLARD.

768 iv. Erin (1965-)

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