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Fourth Generation (Continued)

Family of James Marion COFFMAN (14) & Anna Elizabeth ROBERTSON

42. Nancy COFFMAN. Born on 13 Nov 1825 in Tennessee. At the age of 37, Nancy died on 4 Feb 1863.

Notes for Nancy Coffman

Nancy Coffman, child of James Marion Coffman, and husband Lewis Reed moved to Elm Springs, Washington County, Arkansas in1850. Elm Springs is a few miles west of Springdale. Nancy is buried in the Elm Springs cemetery. Lewis Reed was inducted into the Confederate Army and was killed in action, 1862.

In 1848 when Nancy was 22, she married Lewis REED.

Notes for Lewis Reed
The Reed children were apparently raised by John and Terressa Henson as the hardship during the Civil War took their parents. Nancy and Terressa came to Texas to visit their parents in November 1862. Joseph never returned to Arkansas with them mbut remained with his grandfather, James Coffman. James gave him 100 acres of land; he improved and made it his home until death in 1904. This land is just back of the cemetery behind the Baptist Church of Lafayette, Texas and one of Joseph's granddaugthers was still living on this land in 1975.

They had the following children:
i. Francis Terressa. Born in 1849.

ii. William Penn. Born on 20 Jan 1852.

iii. James B.. Born in 1854.

iv. Joseph. Born in 1855. At the age of 49, Joseph died in 1904.

Joseph married Gordie BLACK.

v. Cisero. Born in 1857.

vi. Jacob W.. Born in 1859.

43. Lovell COFFMAN. Born on 19 Jun 1827 in Alabama. At the age of 54, Lovell died on 7 Feb 1882.

Notes for Lovell Coffman:

Lovell Coffman was on the 1860 census at Upshur County, Texas, He died of a rabid dog bite. His wife's name is not known but they had two children.

i. Elizabeth. Born on 16 Jan 1853.

ii. John R.. Born on 17 Nov 1854.

44. Teressa COFFMAN. Born on 24 Apr 1829 in Alabama.

Theresa Coffman and husband John B. Henson moved to Elm Springs, Washington County, Arkansas in 1850.

In 1849 when Teressa was 19, she married John B. HENSON.

They had the following children:
i. Louis. Born in 1850.

ii. William M.. Born in 1851.

iii. Ann. Born in 1852.

iv. Nancy. Born in 1854.

45. James H. COFFMAN. Born on 1 Jul 1831 in Madison County, Alabama.

James H. married Mary Elizabeth NORMAN.

They had the following children:
i. Elizabeth. Born in 1857.

ii. William Henry. Born in Feb 1860.

iii. Amanda. Born in 1865.

iv. James Reuben. Born on 23 Dec 1867.

v. Elizabeth Jane. Born in Madison County, Alabama.

Elizabeth Jane married William J. KUYKENDALL.

46. Elizabeth Jane COFFMAN. Born on 24 Apr 1833 in Madison County, Alabama. At the age of 77, Elizabeth Jane died in Cherokee, San Saba County, Texas on 18 Mar 1911.

In 1850 when Elizabeth Jane was 16, she married William KUYKENDALL, in Upshur County, Texas.

They had the following children:
i. Lovell Coffman. Born in 1850. At the age of 71, Lovell Coffman died on 16 Apr 1921.

ii. James L.. Born on 21 Dec 1851. At the age of 73, James L. died on 4 Feb 1925.

iii. Annie Elizabeth. Born on 27 Oct 1854. At the age of 79, Annie Elizabeth died on 14 Mar 1934.

iv. Alva Reynolds. Born in 1857. At the age of 86, Alva Reynolds died in 1943.

v. Matthew Warren. Born on 4 Jan 1861. At the age of 56, Matthew Warren died on 6 Mar 1917.

vi. Amanda Frances. Born on 21 Sep 1864. At the age of 77, Amanda Frances died on 29 May 1942.

vii. Elizabeth Jane. Born in 1868. At the age of 59, Elizabeth Jane died in 1927.

47. Jacob Marion COFFMAN. Born on 14 Feb 1837 in Madison County, Alabama. At the age of 47, Jacob Marion died in Texas on 7 Mar 1884.

In 1858 when Jacob Marion was 20, he married Louisa Carolina CLAYTON.

They had the following children:
i. Amanda Ann Alice. Born on 22 Feb 1860. At the age of 75, Amanda Ann Alice died in 1936.

ii. John Menard. Born in 1861. At the age of 21, John Menard died on 9 Feb 1882.

iii. Caswell Newton. Born on 13 Nov 1863. At the age of 61, Caswell Newton died on 27 Dec 1924.

iv. Della. Born on 5 Jul 1867. At the age of 98, Della died on 19 Jul 1965.

Della married Sam McKNIGHT.

v. William Wesley. Born on 9 Sep 1869. At the age of 72, William Wesley died in 1942.

vi. James Montgomery. Born on 18 May 1873 in Texas. At the age of 89, James Montgomery died in Texas on 20 Apr 1963.

vii. Sarah Ealen. Born on 11 Mar 1876. At the age of 37, Sarah Ealen died on 14 Jan 1914.

Sarah Ealen married John WHITE.

48. Aletha Frances COFFMAN. Born on 1 Mar 1841 in Alabama. At the age of 83, Aletha Frances died on 21 Apr 1924.

Aletha Frances married Joseph Robert SMITH.

They had one child:
i. Claudia May. Born on 18 May 1878. At the age of 90, Claudia May died on 26 Sep 1968.

49. George Washington COFFMAN. Born on 23 Mar 1850 in Texas. At the age of 42, George Washington died on 30 Jul 1892.

George Washington married Harriet E. THOMPSON.

They had the following children:
i. Anne E.. Born on 11 Jan 1872.

ii. Jasper Newton. Born on 13 Feb 1875.

iii. John H.. Born on 24 Nov 1876.

iv. David S.. Born on 1 Sep 1878.

v. William Richard. Born on 25 Jun 1880.

vi. Jacob Marion. Born on 20 Jan 1882.

vii. Chester Arthur. Born on 19 Sep 1884 in San Saba County, Texas. At the age of 81, Chester Arthur died on 9 Jul 1966.

viii. Martha H.. Born on 27 Jun 1885.

ix. Aletha Maud. Born on 20 Dec 1886. At the age of 82, Aletha Maud died on 17 Oct 1969.

x. Katy Pearl. Born on 20 Aug 1888.

xi. Eula E.. Born on 15 May 1889.

xii. Rufus M.. Born on 15 Jan 1892.

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