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Fifth Generation (Continued)

Family of Harrison B. SCOTT (32) & Margaret SPENSER

89. Mary Jane SCOTT. Born on 20 Dec 1845. At the age of 70, Mary Jane died in Carroll County, Tennessee on 28 Feb 1916. Buried in 1916 in Stanford Cemetery, Carroll County, Tennessee. Resided in 7th District, Carroll County, Tennessee in 1900.

Mary Jane married Wylie Allen HOOD, son of William B. HOOD (-1842) & Charlotte PARKER (1795-). Born on 24 Feb 1832 in Carroll County, Tennessee. At the age of 76, Wylie Allen died in Tennessee on 18 May 1908. Buried in 1908 in Stanford Cemetery, Carroll County, Tennessee. Resided in 7th District, Carroll County, Tennessee in 1900.

Military: Wylie Allen served in Company F, 7th Tennessee Cavalry, USA.

They had the following children:
199 i. William Henry (1873-1953)
200 ii. Lee Onnie (1875-1916)
201 iii. Addison Monroe (1877-1957)
202 iv. Maggie Mae (1878-1963)
203 v. John Issac (1880-1956)
204 vi. Ella (1882-1963)
205 vii. Ruth Lenora (1884-1971)
206 viii. Frances Charlotte (1888-1977)
207 ix. Suddie Lillian (1890-1966)

90. Laura Frances SCOTT. Born on 15 May 1851. At the age of 73, Laura Frances died on 28 Oct 1924. Buried in 1924 in Beech River Cemetery, Lexington, Henderson County, Tennessee.

Laura Frances first married James Neely BRITT, son of Caldwell John BRITT (1831-1867) & Mary A. DOUGLAS (1845-). Born on 8 Oct 1853. At the age of 65, James Neely died in Timberlake, Henderson County, Tennessee on 23 Apr 1919. Buried in Apr 1919 in Beech River Cemetery, Henderson County, Tennessee. Alias/AKA: "Jimmie".

Obituary: James Britt, aged 65 years, died Wednesday, near Timberlake after a week's illness with pneumonia. Survived by wife, one son who lives near McKenzie, and two daughters, Mrs. S.E. Ballard, Lexington, and Mrs. Lewis Leslie, Wildersville. One daughter, Mrs. Jim Gibson, died a few years ago. Mr. Britt was a brother of W.R. Britt, Life community. Burial in Beech River Cemetery, Elder J.O. Brown officiating.

They had the following children:
208 i. Joseph Walter (1875-1940)
ii. John R.. Born on 21 May 1878. At the age of 1, John R. died on 29 Jul 1879. Buried in Jul 1879 in Parkers Crossroads Cemetery, Henderson County, Tennessee. Cause of death: Flux.

209 iii. Mary Ulena (1880-1914)
210 iv. Elizabeth (1882-1962)
211 v. Ollie Sue (1885-1969)

Laura Frances second married Leonidas Hiram BRITT, son of Hiram BRITT (1803-1871) & Mary Ann PARKER (1809-1860). Born in 1836 in Tennessee. Alias/AKA: "Onn".

91. William Thomas SCOTT. Born on 27 May 1853. At the age of 60, William Thomas died in Henderson County, Tennessee on 30 Mar 1914. Buried in Mar 1914 in Parkers Crossroads Cemetery, Henderson County, Tennessee. Resided in 13th Civil District, Carroll County, Tennessee in 1880. Alias/AKA: "Tom".

Obituary: Born May 27, 1853; died March 30th, 1914. Aged 60 years, 10 months and three days. Was married to Mary Jane Tilson, January 13, 1874. This union was blessed with six sons and two daughters. Fours sons, Zelmer, Charlie, Arthur, and Ellis, with their aged mother, are left to mourn the father's departure. He was baptized into Christ by Elder Elihu Scott 21 years ago. Funeral services were conducted by J. C. Lewis at the Cross Roads Cemetery.

On 13 Jan 1874 when William Thomas was 20, he married Mary Jane TILSON, daughter of Nathaniel J. TILSON (1827-) & Louisa J. BRITT (1838-), in Carroll County, Tennessee. Born on 24 May 1856. At the age of 72, Mary Jane died on 25 Sep 1928. Buried in Sep 1928 in Parkers Crossroads Cemetery, Henderson County, Tennessee. Resided in 13th District, Carroll County, Tennessee in 1860.

They had the following children:
i. Seba N.. Born in 1875.

212 ii. Zelmer A. (1878-1967)
213 iii. Charles W. (1881-1953)
iv. Ludie. Born on 29 Aug 1882. At the age of 16, Ludie died on 9 Sep 1898. Buried in Sep 1898 in Parkers Crossroads Cemetery, Henderson County, Tennessee.

v. Lizzie. Born in 1885. At the age of 11, Lizzie died on 5 Aug 1896. Buried in Aug 1896 in Parkers Crossroads Cemetery, Henderson County, Tennessee.

214 vi. Arthur C. (1889-1936)
215 vii. Ellis E. (1892-1972)
viii. Priest. Born on 25 Sep 1896. At the age of 17, Priest died in Wildersville, Henderson County, Tennessee on 24 Dec 1913. Buried in Dec 1913 in Parkers Crossroads Cemetery, Henderson County, Tennessee.

Obituary: Priest Scott: Youth at Wildersville Burned to Death in Cotton Gin on Morning of Christmas Day. Another horrible tragedy was added to the history of Henderson County on the morning of Christmas Day, when Priest Scott, aged 17 or 18 years, was burned to death in a cotton gin in a building in the town of Wildersville on the Nashville, Chattanooga and St. Louis Railway in this county. By piecing together obtainable scraps of information relative to the deplorable tragedy, in which the life of but a youth was sacrificed in a way far from creditable to those concerned, we are able to make but not to vouch for the following statements:  Priest Scott and eleven other young fellows, two of whom were Negroes, were drinking in Wildersville on Christmas Eve night and at a late hour went into the cotton gin building, where they continued drinking and smoking and engaged in an all-round game of craps, in which at least one Negro was interested but neither engaged. The crap game was continued until in the early morning hours of Christmas Day when they broke up. It seems that young Scott's horse had gotten away from him on the evening before and after going out of the gin building he remembered that he had left his bridle in the house. One of the Negroes, who was carrying a lantern, loaned it to Priest Scott to carry back with him into the gin to look for the bridle, and that was the last seen of Scott, alive. One story in connection with burning to death of young Scott is that while a member of the crowd, with whom he had been shooting craps must have known that he went back into the gin building and was not known to come out, not one of them made a move to rescue him when the gin was discovered to be burning and it is said that several persons were on the scene of the fire in time to have saved the boy had they known he was in the gin building, if indeed, he was alive when the house burned down over him. There have been many numerous stories and conjectures, some of which suggest that Scott was murdered and the gin fired to destroy evidence of the crime. It is hoped however, that, at the worst young Scott was burned to death while in a drunken sleep and that the fire was caused by overturning the lantern which he carried. One rumor tells that a certain boy who was in the crowd, left the crowd in advance at the breaking up and went by and told Mr. Jeff Rosser, the gin operator, that the boys were in the gin house, drinking and smoking and that hey might set the house on fire. Scott, who lost his life, is said to have had two brothers in the crowd, the three boys being the sons of Tom Scott, a farmer living some three miles from Wildersville.

92. Ruthie A. SCOTT. Born on 5 Mar 1861. At the age of 81, Ruthie A. died on 20 Jan 1943. Buried in Jan 1943 in New Hope Cemetery, Yuma, Carroll County, Tennessee.

Ruthie A. married William Etheridge BELEW, son of John Green BELEW (1830-1899) & Mary Mainard MITCHELL (1839-1881). Born on 2 Feb 1862 in Carroll County, Tennessee. At the age of 87, William Etheridge died in Carroll County, Tennessee on 20 Jul 1949. Buried in Jul 1949 in New Hope Cemetery, Yuma, Carroll County, Tennessee.

William Etheridge Belew was living in 13th District in 1900. Per 1900 Carroll County, Census.

They had the following children:
216 i. Essie M. (1886-1974)
217 ii. Margaret Lois (1889-1917)
218 iii. Joseph Edward (1892-1969)
iv. Lizzie. Born in Dec 1894.

v. Burtha. Born in Feb 1896.

vi. Addie. Born in 1898.

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