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Eighth Generation (Continued)

Family of Annie B. BILLOPS (669) & Hulen Lonzo McCARTNEY

1030. Harold Edward McCARTNEY, 5G Grandson, M. Born on 20 Mar 1930 in Milan, Gibson County, Tennessee. Born on 20 Mar 1930 in Gibson County, Tennessee. Harold Edward was 63 when he died in Jackson Madison County Hospital, Madison County, TN on 3 Dec 1993. Harold Edward was buried in Belew's Chapel Cemetery, Gibson County, TN.

Harold's family soon bought a farm in Weakley County and move
there. He first attended school at Pittman's Elementary School. He was
raised on his father's farm in Weakley County, TN and later moved with
the family back to Gibson County near Belew's Chapel Church. Harold then
attended Smith's Chapel Elementary School a short distance from his
home. He was living there when he married Clydene Bruff. They built a
new house in Milan, TN where the moved to and lived for awhile. He
continued to farm until 1955, when he was drafted in the army for two
years. On this return from the service he and his brother, J.B. bought
the Bradford Esso Station and ran it for awhile. 1961 he built a new
store building in Skullbone, operating a grocery store there for a
short time, selling the store and property to Robert Sauls, he
purchased Jean's Super Market on the West Main Street, in Bradford
from Willard and Jean Cantrell. After changing it's name to Harold
McCartney's Super Market, he bought two trailer-trucks and operated an
independent trucking business at the same time. He sold the store, and
went into the trucking business with his cousin Glynn McCartney, the
two of them acquired a Dean Truckline franchise. Harold bought Glynn's
interest in Dean Trucking and purchased the Westside Garage for it's
operations center for a short time; selling it to Frankie Baird and
building his own terminal on Highway 45. Soon after moving to the new
location, he terminated his contract with Dean Trucking and became
known as Harold McCartney Trucking, operating the business until his
death. Harold died in a short time after being diagnosed with cancer.Relation: 4-Cousin. Ref: Jere Cox Files.

He married Clydene BRUFF, F, on 15 Jan 1949. Born on 2 Oct 1926. Born on 2 Oct 1926 in Gibson County, Tennessee.

Relation: 4-Cousin 1 T Removed.

They had the following children:
1272 i. Cindy Dale, F (1956-)
1273 ii. Cindy Dale, F (1956-)

1031. Violet Jeanette McCARTNEY, 5G Granddaughter, F. Born on 14 Feb 1932 in Gibson County, Tennessee.

She moved with her family to a farm they had bought in Weakley
County, TN when she was small. Jeanette first began her formal
education at Pittman's Elementary School. When the family sold their
Weakley County farm and moved back to Gibson County; near Belew's
Chapel Church she began to attend Smith's Chapel Elementary School.
She attended Bradford High School, where she met her future husband,
Robert Clark. Robert graduated in 1951 and Jeanette graduated in 1952.
She became a member of Fairview Church of Christ. After Jeanette and
Robert married, they lived in the Whiteway or Fairview community on
her grandfather's farm until about 1955, when they moved to Chicago,
Illinois for a year or so, then they returned to Tennessee, purchased
a farm and built a new house in Gleason, TN where they live today.
Robert, Jeanette and their two children are all active members of the
Church of Christ.

She married Robert Harold CLARK, M, on 13 Dec 1952. Born on 10 Jun 1931 in Gibson County, Tennessee.

They had the following children:
1274 i. Beverly Carol, F (1953-)
1275 ii. Timothy Harold, M (1964-)

1032. J.B. McCARTNEY, 5G Grandson, M. Born on 9 Dec 1934 in Gibson County, Tennessee.

J.B was a small child when he moved with his family to their new
home in Weakley County, TN. His parents purchased a farm there in the
Pittman's communty, where his older brother and sister attended school
briefly. He began his formal education at Smith's Chapel Elementary
School after the family sold their farm in Weakley County to Nathan
and Willie Grace Alexander, they purchased another farm in Gibson
County and moved there near Belew's Chapel Church.
A strong wind one night blew the Smith's Chapel School building off
it's blocks, the school closed and the children were relocated at Gann
Elementary School.
He was raised on his family's farm, where he worked and learned
how to repair and maintain farm machinery. When he was a teenager, he
purchased a service station in Milan, TN and ran it for a year or so
before selling it and joining the Marines. J.B. first married just
before he was to be discharged from the service. He returned home with
his wife, Norene and her son (by a previous marriage) and lived with
his father and mother at Gleason, TN. Norene and her son Jeff went to
visit her parents, then living in California. She never returned.
J.B. moved to Memphis, and worked for Beaver Welders for a year or so,
then moved back home in Gleason and worked for BayBee Shoe Company in
Dresden. Eventually, he and his brother, Harold, bought the Esso
Service Station in Bradford and operated it a few years about 1957-58,
then he sold out and opened a transmission repair business in Trenton.
He married Brenda Jackson and they bought a new home there, where he
lives today.

He first married Norene GRAVES, F.

He second married Brenda JACKSON, F. Born on 5 Mar 1942.

They had the following children:
1276 i. Scarlet, F (1962-)
1277 ii. Jeffrey Paul, M (1964-)

1033. Wanda Lue McCARTNEY, 5G Granddaughter, F. Born on 25 Aug 1938 in Weakley County, Tennessee.

Wanda a twin sister to Monda Lue McCartney, remarried Joe Thomas
Laster a second time 5 Jan 1973, and they soon divorced again.

She married Joe Thomas LASTER, M, on 4 Jul 1959 in Gibson County, Tennessee. Born on 29 Oct 1935 in Gibson County, Tennessee. They were divorced.

Joe was the son of the Will W. Laster and Era Teague Laster.

They had the following children:
1278 i. Lesa Carol, F (1962-)
1279 ii. Gary Joe, M (1969-)

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