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Seventh Generation (Continued)

Family of Robert Farrow "Fair" BELIEW (306) & Bertha Victorya HOUSE

616. Ruby B. BELIEW, GGGG Granddaughter, F. Born on 25 Dec 1907 in Greenfield, Weakley County, TN. Ruby B. died in Weakley County, TN. Ruby B. was buried in Highland Cemetery Greenfield, Weakley County TN.

According to Ruby DAY her father owned a farm In Greenfield, TN, with 18 acres
of land which Ruby and her brothers helped farm. Not too far down the road
was a house they called the "Old Mooney Place:, where Ruby's grandmother,
Nancy Elizabeth QUINN lived. Ruby remembers her coming to their house for
dinner quite often. She would have Ruby's father pull a chair next to Ruby so
she could sit next to her while they ate.

She married Lora DAY, M, on 30 Nov 1925. Born on 11 Nov 1897 in McKenzie, Carroll County, TN. Lora was 71 when he died in Weakley County, TN on 2 Aug 1969. Lora was buried in Highland Cemetery Greenfield, Weakley County TN.

Lora DAY died from lung cancer.

They had the following children:
i. Joyce Jean, 5G Granddaughter, F. Born on 17 Sep 1926 in Lansing, Ingham County, MI. Joyce Jean was 54 when she died on 9 Aug 1981.

Joyce DAY married Wilmer J.W. SHERRELL, 28 Oct 1950.

ii. Bettie Nan, 5G Granddaughter, F. Born on 12 May 1937.

Bettie DAY married Ron HATFIELD, 15 May 1944.

iii. Ronald Micheal, 5G Grandson, M. Born on 16 May 1944.

Ronald DAY married Carol BONNELL, 12 Aug 1965.

617. Willie Farrow BELIEW, GGGG Grandson, M. Born on 26 Feb 1911 in Greenfield, Weakley County, TN. Willie Farrow was 52 when he died on 28 Sep 1963.

Willie BELIEW died from a Coronary.

He married Mary Francis ESKEIDGE, F, on 21 Aug 1935. Born on 31 Oct 1903 in Greenfield, Weakley County, TN.

They had the following children:
i. Bobbie Jane, 5G Granddaughter, F. Born on 13 Oct 1936.

ii. Billy Graves, 5G Grandson, M. Born on 23 Feb 1939.

Billy BELIEW married Gloria J. QUINTIERI, 27 June 1959.

618. George Andrew BELIEW Sr./Sr., GGGG Grandson, M. Born on 23 Aug 1918 in Greenfield, Weakley County, TN. George Andrew was 49 when he died in Weakley County, TN on 20 Mar 1968. George Andrew was buried in Highland Cemetery Greenfield, Weakley County TN.

He married Annie Lou DARK, F, on 11 Mar 1946.

They had the following children:
i. Geroge Andrew, 5G Grandson, M. Born on 25 Dec 1946.

ii. Marcra Anne, 5G Granddaughter, F. Born on 2 Feb 1952.

iii. James David, 5G Grandson, M. Born on 9 Aug 1959.

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