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Seventh Generation (Continued)

Family of Minny Jutson (Juttie) BELIEW (305) & John David CLOYD

613. Lena Agnes CLOYD, GGGG Granddaughter, F. Born on 2 Jan 1894 in Trezevant, Carroll County, TN. Lena Agnes was 95 when she died in Carrol County, Tennessee on 10 Aug 1989. Lena Agnes was buried in Pleasant Greem Cemetery, Gibson County, TN.

She married U.L. WATKINS, M, on 7 Oct 1911. Born on 23 Dec 1891. U.L. was 71 when he died on 15 Apr 1963. U.L. was buried in Pleasant Greem Cemetery, Gibson County, TN.

They had the following children:
974 i. Juttie Lue, F (1913-)
975 ii. Johnnie Williams, M (1916-1976)
iii. Eulene, 5G Granddaughter, F. Born on 8 Oct 1919 in Trezevant Cemetery Trezevant, Carroll County TN.

no issue

She first married Marko BROWN, M, on 12 Apr 1941. Marko died on 15 Apr 1978. Marko was buried in Pleasant Greem Cemetery, Gibson County, TN.

She second married Jeff S. WALKER, M, on 10 Apr 1980. Born on 29 Jan 1913.

976 iv. Earlene, F (1922-1994)
977 v. Imogene, F (1926-)
vi. Marion Elizabeth, 5G Granddaughter, F. Born on 17 May 1930.

no issue

She married Joe OLDS, M, on 4 Dec 1954. Born on 26 Jan 1937. Joe was 52 when he died on 31 May 1989.

978 vii. Billy Ray, M (1932-)

614. Oscar Hoyt CLOYD, GGGG Grandson, M. Born on 14 Jun 1892 in Trezevant, Carroll County, TN. Oscar Hoyt was 79 when he died on 16 Sep 1971. Oscar Hoyt was buried in Pinelog Cemetary, Brooklawn, Ar.

He married Stella MAYES, F, on 31 Oct 1917. Born on 30 Dec 1894. Stella was 93 when she died on 20 Jan 1988. Stella was buried in Pine Log, Brookland, Ar.

They had the following children:
i. Catherine Louise, 5G Granddaughter, F. Born on 3 Aug 1918 in Brookland, Ar.  in 1997 Arizonia.

She married Willie Lee CUMMINGS, M, on 28 Mar 1953.

ii. Foster Ernest, 5G Grandson, M. Born on 26 Nov 1919.

He married Betty Jean KESTERSON, F, on 29 Mar 1967 in Ar.

iii. John Sherman, 5G Grandson, M. Born on 17 Nov 1921 in Brookland, Ar. John Sherman was 75 when he died on 10 Jan 1997.

He married Ora frances DAVIS, F, on 15 May 1966 in Ok.

iv. James Dudley, 5G Grandson, M. Born on 26 Jul 1924 in Brookland, Ar. James Dudley was 68 when he died on 26 Jan 1993.

979 v. Cobelle Mary, F (1926-)
vi. Hoyt Ray, 5G Grandson, M. Born on 29 Jun 1930 in Nettleton, Ar.

vii. Emma Frances, 5G Granddaughter, F. Born on 27 Apr 1934 in Nettleton, Ar. Emma Frances was 3 when she died in Brookland, Ar. on 28 Oct 1937.

615. Ezekiel John CLOYD, GGGG Grandson, M. Born on 22 Sep 1895 in Trezevant, Carroll County, TN. Ezekiel John was 89 when he died in Carrol County, Tennessee on 10 Dec 1984. Ezekiel John was buried in Pleasant Greem Cemetery, Gibson County, TN.

when Zeaks wife died leaving him with a small baby, he took her in this car from Phoenix,Ariz. to trezevant,Tn. for his Dad and step Mother to raise. John david Cloyd and ella. He traveled through various kinds of weather as she was 5 1/2 monthsa old and had been in the hospital since birth. He would drive until he could find someone to care for her while he rested. Arriving at his sister Lena's home in Jan., 1931

He first married Rose Ella GARY, F, in 1918 in Hickman, Ky. Born on 17 May 1901 in Hickman, Ky. Rose Ella was 29 when she died on 27 Jul 1930. Rose Ella was buried in Greenwood Memorial, .Phoenix, Az.

They had the following children:
i. Agnes Marie, 5G Granddaughter, F. Born on 7 Oct 1919 in Phoenix, Maricopa County, AZ. Agnes Marie was 1 when she died in Phoenix, Maricopa County, AZ in May 1921.

980 ii. Nancy Jean, F (1930-)
iii. Dewain, 5G Grandson, M. Born on 14 Jul .

He married Bobbie Jo WILLIAMSON, F.

He second married Irene WALLACE, F. Born on 13 Jul 1913. Irene was 77 when she died on 23 Sep 1990.

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