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Fifth Generation (Continued)

Family of William Elijah AUTREY (26) & Mary Elizabeth MCCAULEY

67. Elijah Calvin AUTREY. Born on 11 Sep 1869 in Carroll County, Tennessee. At the age of 82, Elijah Calvin died in Cooke County, Texas on 7 Nov 1951.

In Dec 1894 when Elijah Calvin was 25, he married Margaret Florence WILLIAMS. Born on 14 Jun 1871. At the age of 62, Margaret Florence died on 16 Oct 1933.

They had the following children:
i. Mabel Marguerite. Born on 24 Oct 1895. At the age of 41, Mabel Marguerite died on 7 Feb 1937.

On 17 Dec 1922 when Mabel Marguerite was 27, she married George Andrew SMALLEY.

ii. Annie Avice. Born on 24 Aug 1897. At the age of 12, Annie Avice died in 1910.

iii. William Gordon. Born on 7 Aug 1899. At the age of 66, William Gordon died on 20 Feb 1966.

William Gordon married Mirl WINDEBURNE.

iv. Louise Vellula. Born on 6 Dec 1902. At the age of 81, Louise Vellula died on 3 Nov 1984.

On 4 Feb 1925 when Louise Vellula was 22, she married Mike MAPLES.

131 v. John Ernest (1907-1993)
vi. Infant.

68. Felix Martin AUTREY. Born on 19 Feb 1871 in Carroll County, Tennessee. At the age of 75, Felix Martin died in Silverton, Briscoe County, Texas on 26 Apr 1946.

On 5 Feb 1893 when Felix Martin was 21, he married Martha Jane LEMONS. Born on 3 Jan 1876. At the age of 78, Martha Jane died on 3 Feb 1954.

They had the following children:
i. Ruthie Lenora. Born on 25 Feb 1894. At the age of 92, Ruthie Lenora died in Denton County, Texas on 8 Nov 1986.

Ruthie Lenora married Clyde Leslie OLIVER. Born on 23 Dec 1890. At the age of 61, Clyde Leslie died on 18 Mar 1952.

ii. Julie. Born on 17 May 1896. At the age of 51, Julie died in Plainview, Texas on 29 Jan 1948.

Julie married Ira BEAN.

iii. Minnie Marian. Born on 25 May 1904 in Cooke County, Texas. At the age of 72, Minnie Marian died on 5 Oct 1976.

On 11 Nov 1919 when Minnie Marian was 15, she married John Marvin THOMPSON. Born on 23 Nov 1897.

69. William Franklin AUTREY. Born on 28 Jan 1876 in Carroll County, Tennessee. At the age of 62, William Franklin died in Plainview, Texas on 20 Aug 1938.

On 6 Dec 1896 when William Franklin was 20, he married Nancy Ellen HENDERSON, in Cooke County, Texas. Born on 20 Jun 1877. At the age of 62, Nancy Ellen died on 15 Jul 1939.

They had the following children:
i. Ollie Belle. Born on 7 Nov 1897 in Cooke County, Texas. At the age of 59, Ollie Belle died in Plainview, Texas on 23 Dec 1956.

Ollie Belle married W.G. BREELAND.

ii. Infant. Born on 11 Nov 1899.

iii. Luda. Born on 5 Feb 1903. At the age of 1, Luda died on 5 Jun 1904.

iv. Mary Elizabeth. Born on 25 Nov 1904. At the age of 89, Mary Elizabeth died on 18 Feb 1994.

Mary Elizabeth married Raloh Newton EDWARDS.

v. Marvin Henry. Born on 7 Nov 1907. At the age of 75, Marvin Henry died on 11 Aug 1983.

Marvin Henry married Anna Belle PARKER.

132 vi. Freddie Martin
133 vii. Ira William (1911-1986)
134 viii. Joseph Richard

70. Thomas Leander AUTREY. Born on 9 Mar 1880 in Carroll County, Tennessee. At the age of 84, Thomas Leander died in Silverton, Briscoe County, Texas on 6 May 1964.

On 6 Nov 1901 when Thomas Leander was 21, he married Lou Ellen BAXTER. Born on 24 Feb 1884. At the age of 79, Lou Ellen died on 13 Jan 1964.

They had the following children:
135 i. William Ennis
ii. Mollie Ettie. Born on 21 Mar 1907. At the age of 45, Mollie Ettie died in Dallas, Texas on 15 Jul 1952.

Mollie Ettie married Roy Edward COX. Born on 16 Mar 1901. At the age of 75, Roy Edward died on 16 Feb 1977.

iii. Lavonie Alma. Born on 9 Apr 1909. At the age of 57, Lavonie Alma died on 4 Oct 1966.

71. Delbert AUTREY. Born on 11 Jun 1886 in Cooke County, Texas. At the age of 82, Delbert died in Bakersfield, California on 22 Nov 1968.

Delbert first married Myrtle Mae GILBERT.

They had one child:
i. Bessie.

Delbert second married Elnora OZMENT. Born in 1882. At the age of 50, Elnora died in Cooke County, Texas in 1932.

They had the following children:
i. Orvon Grover. Born on 29 Sep 1907 in Tioga, Texas. At the age of 91, Orvon Grover died on 2 Oct 1998. Alias/AKA: "Gene".

"King of the Cowboys"

In Jan 1932 when Orvon Grover was 24, he first married Ina Mae SPIVEY. Born on 19 Apr 1911 in Duncan, Oklahoma. At the age of 69, Ina Mae died in Palm Springs, California on 19 May 1980.

Orvon Grover second married Jackie ELAM.

ii. Vida.

iii. Wilma.

iv. Dudley G..

Delbert third married Margaret PATTERSON.

They had one child:
i. Ray. Born in 1904. At the age of 58, Ray died in Bakersfield, Oklahoma on 23 May 1962.

Delbert fourth married Nora TIPTON.

Delbert fifth married Ruby Estelle LANE.

They had the following children:
i. Roma Del.

Roma Del first married Thomas Howard JUDGE.

Roma Del second married Mike JANDAYAN.

ii. Peggy Lahoma.

Peggy Lahoma married Bill Charles FRANKLIN.

iii. Rita Jane.

Rita Jane married Richard ESPINOZA.

iv. Deborah Suzanne.

Deborah Suzanne first married Daniel Wade MOSLEY. Born on 10 Oct 1954. At the age of 19, Daniel Wade died on 14 Jan 1974.

Deborah Suzanne second married Bruce YOUNG.

72. Homer Ezra AUTREY. Born on 29 Nov 1894 in Carroll County, Tennessee. At the age of 66, Homer Ezra died in Albuquerque, New Mexico on 28 Feb 1961.

On 21 Sep 1913 when Homer Ezra was 18, he married Ora Ethel DUNLAP. Born on 25 Feb 1895.

They had the following children:
136 i. William Warren (1914-1973)
137 ii. Homer Gene
iii. Drucilla Nell.

Drucilla Nell married James Preston BROCK.

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