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Fifth Generation (Continued)

Family of William Tyson AUTREY Junior (24) & Mary Louise HORN

61. Leander Arthur AUTREY. Born in Jul 1865 in Carroll County, Tennessee. At the age of 38, Leander Arthur died in Pilot Point, Texas in 1904.

Leander Arthur married Alice GREEN, in Bloomfield, Cooke County, Texas. Born on 18 Oct 1866 in Bloomfield, Cooke County, Texas. At the age of 36, Alice died in Cooke County, Texas on 14 Dec 1902.

They had the following children:
126 i. Arthur Lee (1887-1915)
ii. Leanna. Born in 1889 in Bloomfield, Cooke County, Texas.

iii. Laura. Born in 1890.

127 iv. Ivan Green (1892-1976)
128 v. Isaac Columbus (1894-1968)
vi. David Tice. Born on 13 Jun 1896. At the age of 71, David Tice died in Monterey, California on 2 Sep 1967.

On 11 Nov 1917 when David Tice was 21, he married Ula LaDona LEMONS.

vii. Altha Ethel. Born on 20 Aug 1899 in Indian Territory, Oklahoma. At the age of 76, Altha Ethel died in Jonesboro, Arkansas on 27 Jul 1976.

On 25 Oct 1915 when Altha Ethel was 16, she married James John William COBLE. Born on 12 Mar 1893. At the age of 64, James John William died on 5 Jul 1957.

viii. Alice Green.

Alice Green married Edward Everett GAITHER. Born on 7 Jun 1890. At the age of 66, Edward Everett died on 4 Mar 1957.

62. David AUTREY. Born on 22 Nov 1867 in Carroll County, Tennessee. At the age of 65, David died in Marietta, Love County, Oklahoma on 21 Nov 1933.

On 7 Nov 1886 when David was 18, he first married M.E. OGLE.

They had one child:
i. Lucy E.. Born in 1887 in Texas.

On 15 Jan 1889 when David was 21, he second married Romey C. HALL.

On 24 Mar 1891 when David was 23, he third married Ella BRAY.

They had the following children:
i. Velma. Born in 1896.

ii. Omri Bud. Born in 1899.

iii. Tris Bellel.

63. Archibald Wiley AUTREY. Born on 14 Feb 1872 in Carroll County, Tennessee. At the age of 50, Archibald Wiley died in Burns City, Cooke County, Texas on 2 Sep 1922.

On 7 Dec 1893 when Archibald Wiley was 21, he married Minerva A. CHASTAIN.

They had the following children:
129 i. William Claude (1894-1934)
130 ii. Gilbert Leon (1895-1915)
iii. Agnes Cordelia. Born on 11 Dec 1897 in Burns City, Cooke County, Texas. At the age of 95, Agnes Cordelia died in Dec 1993.

On 12 Aug 1916 when Agnes Cordelia was 18, she married Delma Franklin KELLY. Born on 1 Nov 1895. At the age of 66, Delma Franklin died on 21 Feb 1962.

iv. Pearl Mae. Born on 15 Jan 1900. At the age of 19, Pearl Mae died in Cooke County, Texas on 14 Jun 1919.

On 19 May 1918 when Pearl Mae was 18, she married James POTTS.

v. Luther Raymond. Born on 9 Dec 1906 in Texas. At the age of 53, Luther Raymond died in Kansas on 24 Jul 1960.

Luther Raymond married Dorothy JONES.

vi. Lettie Fay. Born on 16 Aug 1910 in Gainesville, Texas. At the age of 44, Lettie Fay died on 29 Jan 1955.

Lettie Fay married John POTTS.

64. Emerson Ethridge AUTREY. Born on 12 Nov 1874 in Tennessee. At the age of 68, Emerson Ethridge died in Foster, Oklahoma on 16 Dec 1942.

On 20 Nov 1892 when Emerson Ethridge was 18, he married Ella Melinda SANDERS. Born on 11 Dec 1871 in Cooke County, Texas. At the age of 85, Ella Melinda died in Hobart, Oklahoma on 2 Oct 1957.

They had the following children:
i. Ina Clyde. Born on 25 Oct 1893. At the age of 63, Ina Clyde died on 1 Dec 1956.

Ina Clyde married Bert RAGSDALE.

ii. Iva Ethel. Born on 27 Jan 1896. At the age of 33, Iva Ethel died on 2 Aug 1929.

On 16 Jul 1916 when Iva Ethel was 20, she married Alvin Jacob VICARS.

iii. Ona Edna. Born on 25 Jul 1898. At the age of 41, Ona Edna died on 2 Jul 1940.

Ona Edna married Edd RAGSDALE.

iv. Bertha Freda.

Bertha Freda married Zack MOORE.

v. Orase Riley.

vi. Jewell Lerene. Born on 28 Feb 1907. At the age of 61, Jewell Lerene died on 22 Dec 1968.

On 12 Apr 1930 when Jewell Lerene was 23, she married Rueben Harvey KIMRAY. Born on 28 Mar 1907. At the age of 73, Rueben Harvey died on 20 Jun 1980.

vii. Opal Edna. Born on 26 May 1910. At the age of 55, Opal Edna died on 6 Apr 1966.

Opal Edna married Frank Oba KIMRAY.

viii. Buster. Born on 20 Mar 1906. At the age of 8, Buster died in Roosevelt, Oklahoma on 28 Jun 1914.

ix. Raymond Howard. Born on 20 Nov 1915. Raymond Howard died on 21 Dec 1915.

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