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Yuma High School 

March 1911


     1--Clifford Jarrett,  2--Covie Douglas, 3--Roy Hatch, 4--Lonnie Robinson,
5--Lawton Haywood, 6--Reubel Wall, 7--Tommie Horn (Parish), 8--Norine
Pinkley (Taylor), 9--Ila Darnall, 10--Jamie Walker (Bolen), 11--Dan Umstead,
12--Iota Robinson (Fry), 13--"Little" John Horn, 14--Howard Jarrett, 15
--Freeman Umstead, 16--Patti Walker, 17--Madeline Wall, 18--Opal Evans,
19--Nellie Holmes, 20--Dewey Robinson, 21--Clyde Walker, 22--Gilvy Birdwell,
23--Clarence Darnall,  24--Ruth Pritchard (Trippe), 25--Beulah Wright,  26--Bertha
Gooch (Carrington), 27--Opal Blount (Birdwell), 28--Mamie Butler, 29--Callie Bolen,
30--Ollie B. Moody, 31--Grace Haywood (Winter), 32--Esbern Kirksey, 33--Lila
Mae Evans, 34,  Bennie Coker, 35--Graden Rainey, 36--Ruthie Bolen (Kizer),
37--Cassie Horn (Brewer), 38--Dell Buchannon, 39--Dell Buchannon, 39--Sam Parish,
40--Angie Horn (Cary), 41--Elzinnie Tubbs, 42--Earl Winter, 43--Myrtie Horn (Birdwell),
44--Lois Darnall, 45--Bevia Wall (Rainey), 46--Leo Winter, 47--Martin Wall, 48--Ludie
King Pritchard, 49--Tolie Gooch, 50--Odie Gooch Morris, 51--Vera Fesmire (Kiser),
52--Vennie Smith (Merrick), 53--Missie Hudson, 54--Luther Rainey, 55-J.W. Jarrett,
56--Issac Kirksey, 57--Jim Gooch, 58--Herman Gooch, 59--Donnie Tubbs, 60--Albert
Blackwell, 62--Euvis Haywood Hopper, 63--Eunice Blount Birdwell, 64--Medie Hall,
65--Lizzie Belew Rainey, 66--Lillian Moody Hester, 67--Ava Darnall Gordon, 68--Clara
Williams Blackwell, 69--Eva Pritchard, 70--Houston Gordon, 71--Elbert Parish,
72--Eugene Morris.

Photograph was provided by Sue Ann Lewis


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